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Sapphire HD6670 Ultimate, HD6750 & HD6770 Review

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Just Cause 2 is a third-person shooter that takes place on the fictional island of Panau in Southeast Asia. In this sequel to 2006's Just Cause, you return as Agent Rico Rodriguez to overthrow an evil dictator and confront your former boss. When you don't feel like following the main story line, you're free to roam the island, pulling off crazy stunts and causing massive destruction in your wake, all beautifully rendered by the Avalanche Engine 2.0. In the end, that's what the game basically boils down to — crazy stunts and blowing things up. In fact, blowing things up and wreaking havoc is actually necessary to unlock new missions and items.



  • AA = Off
  • 2xAF
  • Texture Detail = Low
  • Shadow Quality = Medium
  • Water Detail = Medium
  • Objects Detail = Medium
  • Dark Tower Time Demo








Higher = Better


The Sapphire HD6770 and the ASUS GTX 550 Ti were running neck and neck during all of the resolutions in the Just Cause 2 benchmark. The HD6750 was running fairly close to the HD6770 in the overclocked testing, only being a few frames away from it. The HD6670 Ultimate trailed the end once again.

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