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Sapphire HD 5770 and 5750 Review

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Sapphire and ATI have brought out a series of video cards that offer great performance for the right price point. Coming in at $159 for the HD 5770 and $129 for the HD 5750, you have a set of cards that compare well performance wise to the GTX 260 and at times the HD 4890. I was quite surprised with the oveclocking abilities of both of these cards. Both the 5750 and 5770 gave up over 100MHz of headroom on the GPU core and gave up phenomenal gains on the memory clocks to the tune of over 1400MHz on the HD 5770 and well over 1300MHz on the HD 5750. Bargain overclocking that really gave up serious gains in performance for the effort. It took two separate applications to get clock speeds above what was available in the Catalyst Control Center. At least with this series ATI has given you the room to play since they did not give this option on the 5800 series. Even when I pushed the clock speeds the cards remained cool under fire, maxing out in the mid 60s Celsius, either with the driver controlling the fan or manually setting it. Before ripping apart the HD 5770, I did not know the reason it kept cool but found out as soon as I pulled the shroud off of the HD 5770 and found that it uses Vapor Plate technology to help manage the heat load. The other thing that contributes to the lower temperatures is the power consumption, which ATI says is 108 watts for the 5770 and 86 watts on the 5750 under load while dropping to an unreal 16 and 18 watts at idle, respectively. Eyefinity is a great idea if you can get past the trim surrounding the panel. Slapping three 24 to 30 inch monitors together in a surround setup could make for a great gaming experience, I see flight sims and driving games as the real benefactors since they already have pillars in if you play the cockpit views. Since nVidia is going full force with GPU computing, ATI is now getting into the act full force on this series of GPUs with ATI Stream technology. DirectX 11 looks to offer a next step in the visual quality of the games we like to play but at this point there is only one title supporting it but there are more in the works, 20+ going by ATI's documentation. Dirt 2 is coming out but until then it's slim pickings. If you dont have the cubic dollars it takes to play at the deep end of the pool, the Sapphire HD 5700 series of video cards will give you great gaming up to 1920x1200 at stock clock speeds and you can get additional performance with a little work. Overclocked performance at cool temperatures for a price that is sure to drop equals a deal that is hard to pass up. Both the Sapphire HD 5770 and HD 5750 fit this bill. As Bob Barker would say, "The Price is Right!"


  • Cool running
  • Massive overclocking
  • Price
  • Eyfinity ready
  • Windows 7 ready
  • DirectX 11
  • 40nm
  • Low power performance


  • No DX11 titles yet
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