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Sapphire HD 4770 Review

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In Dead Space, as part of the crew of the USG Kellion you are headed on a repair mission to repair a ship in distress. Things go from bad to worse, starting with the crash landing of the seemingly silent and "dead" ship, the USG Ishimuru. Offering a non-traditional, over-the-shoulder viewing angle, the game gets right into the action as soon as the ventilation systems are activated. From there things get worse with the appearance of the Necromorphs. Survival now becomes a primary concern for the primary character Isaac Clarke. Survive and you may find the loved one that was aboard the Ishimuru.


  • Game Settings: Maximum














Dead Space is a title that favors the green camp, but the Sapphire HD 4770 played through at frame rates you can't really complain about. 1920x1200 is no problem with the stock clock speeds. Just for kicks, I played at 2560x1600 to see how big of a performance drop I would see, and still the HD 4770 delivered 50 FPS.


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