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Sapphire HD 6770 FleX Edition Review

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Eyefinity Performance:

The big allure to a card of this type is that you can run a multiple-monitor setup on the cheap, if you can call the cash outlay needed for three monitors cheap. But even so, Sapphire makes it so that you can do so as economically as possible with the FleX series. Looking at all the gaming benchmarks, you can see that when you tweak the settings and run resolutions that work with the capabilities of the HD 6770 FleX, you can have a satisfying gaming experience. Since the FleX Edition has the ability, I had to see how or if the HD 6770 had the stones to play the titles used in the benchmark suite in an Eyefinity configuration. I used the same settings used for the game tests, but moved up to 4800x900 and 5760x1080 to see how far the performance would drop and if the card could even handle it. So here we go.











Higher is Better


As you can see, the HD 6770 is not a triple-monitor gaming powerhouse, but by tweaking the settings a little lower, you can make it happen. The other possibility would be to add a second card for a CrossFire setup that would easily drive performance upwards for an outlay of about $100. At 4800x900, there were four games that crested the 30 FPS threshold for smooth gameplay, so yes it is possible, but by the same token, it just could not get there in three games. Gaming is not all there is for this equation though. You can use a SLS (Single Large Surface) system for improved productivity at work, with the ability to hook up a fourth monitor if you choose to purchase either a DisplayPort monitor or active adapter.


Eyefinity Demo:


With the new 6000-series graphics cards, each can support up to six monitors for an Eyefinity setup. Gamers are no longer stuck with using only a single monitor for gameplay as the games can now be spanned across multiple monitors and can also make use of the new 3D technologies explained further toward the bottom. Multiple displays can be powered by a single connector, with Eyefinity and the ultra-high bandwidth DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream output capabilities, with high quality audio also being transmissible. Below is a demonstration of a triple-monitor Eyefinity setup with several different game examples to view either a classic single monitor setup or the new Eyefinity triple-monitor experience.


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