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Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Low Profile Review

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So how to describe this little card? The Sapphire HD 7750 Low Profile is certainly worthy of your consideration. It is an extremely tiny card with an efficient cooler that keeps temperatures well in check when running stock speeds without a lot of noise. No, it won't run everything at maximum settings with perfect fluidity, but it also only sets you back a measly $104.99. It doesn't suck up much juice under load and it doesn't clutter your case with a bunch of wires either. True, the temperatures when overclocking rose to nearly insane levels, but you can only expect so much from a cooler smaller than your average smartphone. That said, if you manage to keep the card cool, it overclocks like a monster and there's a lot of potential performance on the table if you're willing to push it to its limits. It's not often that you see any card overclock by over 50%.

If you're building a micro-sized gaming system (or even if you aren't) you should definitely keep this little trooper in mind. For the price it's very competitive with other 7750 cards, though if you aren't limited by size a larger card with a better cooler would probably be a better option. If you're size-limited though, this card is for you. It is perfect for a home theater PC and is more than fast enough for 3D video display, GPU video transcoding, and moderate gaming. Your HTPC and your eyes will thank you!





  • Low profile
  • Quiet cooler (stock speeds)
  • Good performance
  • Great overclocking



  • HOT when overclocked to the max
  • Power consumption rather high when overclocked
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