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Sapphire HD4870 Review

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The Sapphire HD 4870 performed exactly where the other HD 4870 cards have been and that is right on top of NVIDIA's GTX 260 series cards. I cannot stress enough the great performance that is being achieved by the HD 4870 cards for the price that it is to purchase them. Here you can have a top performing card without breaking the piggy bank. Sapphire sweetens the deal with all of the goodies and extras that they include, such as the 2GB thumb drive and full versions of popular software which to me always makes me feel like I am getting a better deal.

With the hotfix, it looks as if the temperature problem is within the Catalyst Control Center, because the Sapphire HD 4870 card idles around 62C and loads around 75C, instead of the higher temperatures shown in the earlier HD 4870 reviews. I still, even after several reviews of the HD 4870 video cards, am impressed with the performance that these cards offer, for the price that they are sold at. Before, buying two high end video cards for a multi-GPU system was only for the true enthusiast or gamer with deep pockets, but CrossFireX is now an affordable way to have a great multi-GPU solution for not a lot of money. I am surprised about the low overclocking headroom for the HD 4870 cards. Although I was able to achieve the highest overclocks on the Sapphire HD 4870, I was right at the limits allowable in the Overdrive section of the Catalyst Control Center. Because of this, the overclocking scores were not impressive, but the stock scores were outstanding enough for me to recommend this video card to any one looking to upgrade or build their system from scratch. For the price, you could not get a better deal.



  • Price to performance ratio is outstanding
  • HD video features
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Great bundle included with the video card



  • Low overclocking limits in the CCC
  • No Sapphire branded overclocking software
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