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Sapphire HD 2600 XT Video Card

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Clearly, the Sapphire HD2600 XT was the worst card of the set. It did hang with some of the competitors and really did step up when it came to the DirectX 10-capable cards' Battle Royale. The competition in which the Sapphire HD2600 XT was put up against, were either mainstream, or top of the line video cards. I would say that this card is a low-end mainstream card. The numbers weren't great, but the card never had a hard time when it was pushed. The price is what really saves this card, because it does have DirectX 10 capability and it can play the graphically challenging games, with a noticeable drop in frame rates. I can't recommend this card as a gaming card, because it didn't out-perform any other card except the Foxconn 8600 GTS at the highest resolution in the game Need For Speed: Most Wanted. With the big televisions that everyone has, you don't need a rediculously high resolution to play games on it so this card would be a video card to reckon with if you plan on using it on a big T.V. or in a home theater PC system. Having 5.1 onboard HDMI sound is a huge plus and coupled with the high definition support - you can't go wrong. The card was easy to install, looks great, and is near silent while it is on. I didn't really notice much of a noise increase while the card was being tortured, either. Check back to OverclockersClub.com for a DirectX 10 video card round up!



  • Ease of Installation
  • Looks
  • Quiet Fan
  • Price
  • DirectX 10




  • Sub-Par Performance

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