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Sapphire HD4830 512MB Review

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As we have seen the HD 4830 series card are something to keep an eye on. For the price they offer the power needed to run today's games on medium to high settings with no problem and even take on cards that are designed to be faster than them. When put to the test the Sapphire HD 4830 stood its ground and even matched or beat scores of other cards in its class. When you factor in a price of around $100 for an HD 4830 vs $250 or more for an HD 4870 or a GTX 260 you can purchase two cards and CrossFire them for less than a single card of the latter. This GPU is going to be a hit for those of us who want to push the latest games but want to watch what we spend on our components in the money situation the world is currently facing.

I very much like the dual slot cooler because I personally had issues with early HD 4850 card overheating and this card stayed cool and quiet even when overclocked to speeds higher than the stock HD 4850 cards. Sapphire was smart about the heating issues on the HD 4850 with their dual slot cooling solution and I am very pleased to see they brought it to their HD 4830 line as well to aid in cooling. Out of the HD 4830 cards I tested this one stayed the coolest even to the touch. My HD 4850 has to sit in my case for a few minutes before I even dare to remove it because I have burned my fingers on it before. Sapphire did a great job in designing and building the HD 4830 for us.



  • Excellent performance
  • Great overclocking headroom
  • Runs cooler than other HD 4800 series cards
  • Low price compared to other cards in its class
  • Runs cool with Sapphires Dual Slot Cooler



  • Better performing Cards available




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