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Sapphire HD4650 512MB Overclock Edition Review

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This card is geared towards mid-mainstream users and is designed to give average gaming performance while supporting other features like Vista Aero and multimedia as well without breaking the bank. So how well does it actually perform and where does it stand among the market? That is what we are here to find out. I am going to be putting the Sapphire HD 4650 through a series of video benchmarks designed to test its performance by itself and with the system as a whole. I will then be stacking it up against other cards closer to it's class and also one more powerful to give you an idea on where it sits among the rest. All hardware will be run at stock clock speeds, latencies, timings, and voltages so there are no outside interruptions or variances that might sway the numbers.



Comparison Video Cards:



Overclocked Settings:

  • Sapphire HD 4650 690/1000

To overclock the Sapphire HD 4650 I chose to use the ATI Catalyst Control Center's Overdrive Utility. I started off raising the GPU clocks 5MHz at a time until the system became unstable and then backed down 1MHz at a time until stability returned. I did the same thing for the memory speeds to achieve optimum results. I was able to push the GPU to 690MHz stable which might not seem very high for an overclock but remember this card is pre-clocked from the factory already so this is about where it is expected to be. The memory maxed out at the rated 1000MHz for the type of Hynix memory used. One thing of note I want to mention is I was able to push the memory beyond 1000MHz using ATI tool however it was not stable and caused artifacting during testing. For my overclocked numbers the final speeds will be 690MHz on the GPU and 1000MHz on the 512MB GDDR3 memory.





  • Video:
  1. Crysis
  2. Knights of the Sea
  3. BioShock
  4. Call of Duty 4
  5. World in Conflict
  6. Call of Juarez
  7. Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
  8. 3DMark 06 Professional
  9. 3DMark Vantage

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