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Sapphire HD4650 512MB Overclock Edition Review

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Closer Look:

Sapphire has chosen to go with a blue colored PC Board instead of the usual red that we see on most ATI based graphics cards. This is a single slot card which makes it perfect for a media server or home theater pc. There is a single slot fan used to cool the Sapphire HD 4650 which covers about half of the card. Like I said this card is based off the RV730 GPU which has 541 million transistors and 8 ROPs. This is a smaller size card in length so you will have plenty of room to work around it installed in your system. This is a PCI Express x16 card and uses the newer 2.0 interface for increased bandwidth. The HD 4650 gets all of the power it needs from the PCI Express slot so there is no external power needed.



















There are enough connections on the Sapphire HD 4650 for any situation. There are two DVI ports which support Dual Link DVI, and an S-Video port. There is also support for VGA, Component Video, and HDMI via included adapters.


Removing the heatsink lets us get a nice view of the RV730 GPU. Like I stated earlier this GPU was manufactured using a 55nm processor. It has 541 million transistors and 320 Unified Shader Pipelines. The core is factory overclocked to 650MHz from the stock of 600MHz and the memory sits at 900MHz (1800MHz effective) up from 700MHz stock. The memory is manufactured by Hynix, model #H5RS5223CFR-N0C and is rated for 1000MHz at 2.05v so it looks like we have a little more room to go. There is a total of 512MB GDDR3 memory operating on a 128-bit memory bus.



The cooler Sapphire used to cool the HD 4650 is a single slot, actively cooled, aluminum and plastic cooler. The fan pushes cooler air over the aluminum fins on the heatsink to draw heat away from the critical components and expelled into the case to be carried off by the airflow of the system.



Now that the card hase been examined closer let's install this baby and take a look at the software that runs it.

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