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Sansa C250 MP3 Player Review

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No point in putting up a testing section, because there wasn't any testing.

So I decided to phone Sandisk tech support for some help, thinking it might be me with the issue. I follow the "press 1 for this, 3 for that," finally ending up to where I was supposed to be. Then I get this nice recording saying for this unit you need to contact tech support through email. No support for this unit by phone, just great. By this point, I had gone back to the store and tried three of these units and tried them all on five different computers, all with the same issues. So I am pretty mad by this point. After the second trip to the store that I bought it from, they told me they had got a few calls about these units not working from other customers. I was determined to find out why because I hate seeing people go through what I was currently going through.

I called the tech support number back and decided to go through the memory card tech support hoping to get someone on the phone. After finally waiting and getting someone on the phone, I explained the issue and he begins to tell me what I need to have. Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Windows Media Player 10 or 11 is a must. I told him I had all of that and that it was still not working. His response was to contact Microsoft. That answer floored me and I said you can't be serious? Anytime I have ever called MS they would tell me it's not their product and to contact the company that made the product, so I wanted to avoid doing that all over again. At this point, he is trying to get rid of me by telling me to take it up with the store I bought it from and so on. I was thinking, there is no way this is going to happen, so I identify who I am and exactly what I do at OCC at what OCC is. At this point, the customer service rep decides he is going to try and help me by doing some troubleshooting.


So we start off by unplugging the device and reconnecting the device; "Found New Hardware" comes up, but same thing, cannot locate driver.

He then puts me on hold and goes to talk to level two tech support. After ten minutes or so, he comes back and says "OK, let's try disconnecting and power up the unit and go into settings." He says "change the USB settings from Auto to MSC, this will fix it." I am like, "great, that's it, I was the idiot." I reconnect the unit to the USB cable and turn the unit back on, the "Found New Hardware" wizard comes back up and he tells me to continue through clicking next. Same thing again, driver not found, so by this point I am now getting really mad. He puts me on hold again to go back to speak with level two tech support.

About five minutes later, he comes back and asks me to reconnect the unit and to choose search manually for the driver, so I choose the .inf he tells me. Again, same thing, driver not found.

He leaves again for another five minutes and comes back again and says "OK, we are going to backup the Windows registry," so of course my guard has now gone up. I backup the registry as he says, then he asks me to delete a 0000 file. A "Cannot Delete Specified File" comes up, so he says "I need you to reboot into Safe Mode so we can do some stuff in the registry." At this point, this has been going on for an hour, so I asked him "I can't be the only person that is having this problem," his response was "I don't know." As he told me that, I was not sure what I thought of that answer, he could have been telling the truth, who knows. I told him that I was not going to waste any more of my time on this because having being on the phone for an hour and three trips to the store, it was not worth it anymore.

I take the unit back to the store where I bought it from. It seems that they got this shipment in a few days before I came in. By the time I got back to the store, most of the units were back at the store. I asked them if they had talked to Sandisk and they said "yes, they give us the cold shoulder and told them to talk to their distributor and it had nothing to do with Sandisk." Nothing to do with them? It's Sandisk's product it has nothing to do with them??

I thanked them for allowing me to try a few units and allowing me take the pictures for this review. The store, I might add, took these players off of their shelves after I told them what I had just gone through, so my hats off to them for that.


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