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Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB USB U3 Flash Drive



Installing the drive is simply a matter of plugging it in to a USB port. It helps to make sure that USB 2.0 is enabled or installed, otherwise there will be a huge decrease in speed (11mbs [USB 1.0] vs. 480mbs [USB 2.0]). I plugged the drive in, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the slide glowing a cool blue - it even matches my case lights!

The first thing I see on my desktop is ‘plug-and-play’, recognizing the new hardware. Afterwards, a program pops up. Yes, a program. By now, you’re probably wondering what this is about. Well, this is all thanks to U3 technology, and is where the fun begins!


Now U3 technology allows you to actually install and use programs on U3 compatible flash drives. This is why there is pre-loaded software. The purpose? To allow you to use your favorite applications on other computers, be it work, school, or library. These programs can be configured to your preferences. The only requirement is that the machine in question is running Windows 2000/XP. The U3 program database includes all your favorite programs available for download, including:
  • Mozilla Firefox- an excellent free web browser
  • Mozilla Thunderbird- a full-featured free mail client
  • Avast! Anti-Virus- a free full-featured antivirus able to scan your drive or computer. (Included)
  • CruzerSync- a very nifty program, which allows you to back up things like your favorites, e-mail, contacts, and documents. You can back up all of these with a click of a button, which then encrypts them. You cannot access these files without your password. (Included)
  • Trillian- an all-in-one free IM client (AIM, MSN, Yahoo etc.)
  • Skype- a free application, which allows you to call other Skype users, by means of a microphone and speakers. (The voucher gives you one month’s credit for voicemail, included)

The U3 database includes hundreds of other utilities ranging from games, schedulers, office applications, and even video editors. Although some of these programs need to be purchased on the Sandisk website, everything mentioned above is free. The database itself:


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Installation continued
  4. Specifications & Testing
  5. Conclusion
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