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SanDisk Extreme II 240 GB SSD Review

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SanDisk Extreme II 240 GB SSD Conclusion:

If you've read through the results pages you probably already know what I'm going to say here. At a very reasonable (in SSD terms) price of around 95 cents per GB, the Extreme II offers extreme value for the performance-minded enthusiast. In nearly every test the SanDisk Extreme II not only beat the field but in more times than expected it simply annihilated the competition! Clearly SanDisk has hit a home run here with its "nCache" system that utilizes the pseudo-SLC behavior of newer MLC flash dies. This does bring the cost up from very slightly over budget MLC-only drives from other manufacturers but the performance you get from the Extreme II more than makes up for that increase.

So what really is the takeaway here? SanDisk has delivered a drive with MLC-like pricing, SLC-like performance, and SLC-like durability. At $229.99 for the 240 GB version it's hard to complain about the price or the capacity with the amazing performance that the Extreme II delivers. I remember paying well over $300 for my first 128 GB SSD back in 2009 and it is eclipsed in every metric many times over by this new offering from SanDisk. If you've been on the fence about buying into the "SSD hype" look no further for your solution. There's nothing quite like the snappiness of a machine running off of a fast SSD. The SanDisk Extreme II is definitely fast and the price isn't as painful as the performance it delivers would normally demand.



  • FAST!!!
  • High durability (80TB+ lifetime writes)
  • Low power usage
  • Good price/capacity/performance
  • Thin profile great for ultraportables



  • Still expensive per GB compared to HDD
  • It's not free?


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