Samsung Yepp YP-T7Z 1GB MP3 Player Review

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Reviewed on: June 28, 2005
Price: $175 USD
Welcome back to another Overclockers Club review. After a bit of a hiatus, we're back in swing, and today we'll be reviewing another MP3 player from Samsung - this time the YP-T7Z, a 1 Gig MP3 player that fits in the palm of your hand. We've all seen the fiasco that was the iPod Shuffle, so will Samsung's offering be any better? Only one way to find out, so let's get to it!

What's Included
Well, again Samsung has shipped their MP3 player in the packaging of choice, the plastic clamshell. Its been proven in the past to be an effect mode of transportation, and its proven to be so again, as all my parts arrive fully intact and functional, without a scratch on it.


On opening the package we find:
  • Cradle
  • Earphones
  • Line-in Cable
  • Charger
  • Belt Clip
  • Install CD
  • Direct USB Adaptor
  • User Manual
  • Quick Guide
  • Warranty Card

Once again, everything you'll need to get your Yepp up and running - but this time the battery is built-in, a rechargable 10 hour Lithium-Polymer battery to be exact, which proves to be very useful. Personally, in using the unit I only once got down to 2/3 power bars, and I was listening to music fairly constantly while I travelled, which makes this little unit a pretty powerful performer right off the bat. Features
The features of this model are fairly similar to the previously reviewed models.

  • 1GB Built-In Flash Memory
  • CSTN Colour LCD (65K Colour)
  • JPEG Image viewer
  • Ogg, MP3, WMA, Audio ASF, WAV
  • FM Tuner / Voice Recorder
  • Real Time Equalizer Display
  • Clock Function - Alarm Set, FM Programable recording
  • Li-Polymer Recharable Battery

As before, with our reviews of the YP-55i, YP-T5V, YP-780V, the YP-T7Z has the same recording capabilities, being able to record from other sources directly with the line-in cable, doing direct voice recordings, and recording directly from radio. The YP-T7Z expands its compatability again this time with Ogg, MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV playing capabilities.

Closer Look
Once again we see the emergence of the multi-function swivel button in the centre, controlling the music playing functions, the menu access and navigation as well as being the generic 'Enter' key. Not my favourite method of mobility, but still very user-friendly.

I'm happy to report the YP-T7Z finally has USB 2.0 functionality. Grace be, the Yepp line is finally up to speed, and with a Gig of capacity, 1.1 simply wouldn't cut it.

The Menu of the Yepp itself is similarly structured as the previous Yepps, this time in full colour, with some beautiful graphics to help you navigate. Overall, and despite the navigation controls, the menu in the YP-T7Z was extraoridinarily easy to control.

The carrying case for the T7Z has easy access to earphone jack, USB port, On/Off/Hold switch, and all of the front buttons. It even features an integrated belt holder, so you can just snap it on and go. Its plastic, which seems brittle, but after testing it for the breaking point, its pretty durable, and it protects the player quite well. Closer Look (Cont.)
Once again we have a simple player that requires you just drag and drop onto the player to transfer music. This time though, you can seperate albums and so on, and so long as the music is in the order you want within the folder, that's the way it plays. As well, the T7Z's display screen shows you the upcoming playlist, and does allow you to pick and play favourites as a playlist. Overall, music navigation was quite easy, so long as the music is seperated the way you like beforehand. This proved extremely useful in listening to live concerts, as the break between songs that you'll find in most players was virtually non-existant.

The Software packaged with the player is a generic MP3-player, akin to a Windows Media Player, that allows you to create music playlists, but apparently just for your computer, as there is no real transfer abilities built in. Overall, pretty useless if you're okay with WinAmp or iTunes and so on.

I think with the creation of the T7Z Samsung has created something on par with some of the leading lines of MP3 players (which, veribly, Samsung has become). With a colour screen, easy navigation, excellent sound quality, a large storage capacity and finally upgraded USB 2.0, the Yepp T7Z is an accomplishment that I'm sure Samsung's future lines of MP3 players will be directly based off of. Furthermore, the ability to use the player as a storage device for files and so on (and believe me, I've done it) doesn't inhibit the use of the player at all, which I find very useful.


  • Small physical size
  • Colour screen
  • Easy navigation
  • USB 2.0
  • Large 1 Gig storage capacity
  • Great manual
  • Long battery life (and its built-in!)
  • Useful accessories already included



  • Clunky swivel-stick controls