Samsung Yepp 780V MP3 Player Review

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Reviewed on: December 22, 2004
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Today we have a third installment in the MP3 collection from Samsung. We'll be reviewing the YP-780V, another 256M mp3 player similar to the last two, but still drastically different. This Yepp looks nothing like the previous two, but can it hold up to the bar set by the T5V? Let's take a look.

What's Included
For a third time with the 780V we see the Samsung typical plastic clamshell packaging. The packaging is really solid, but with the distinct disadvantage of never being to use the package again once you tear into it. Again the 780V is displayed in clear at the top, with the accessories in the bottom.

Upon opening the packaging, we find:
  • Yepp 780V
  • Basic earphones
  • USB port cable
  • Software CD
  • User Manual
  • Neck Strap
  • Carrying Case
  • Line-in cable
  • 2-AAA batteries (not pictured)

The package has got everything you need to get the Yepp up and going, apart from the music. The included software is the catching point for this Yepp - FINALLY we have some useful software! The Yepp Studio is finally a fairly slick piece of work, allowing you to arrange a playlist on the computer, and copy that playlist to the Yepp, in an arrangement of your choosing. Finally I can listen to my Live CDs again! More on the software in a moment.

The features of this Yepp are similar to the previous two, offering FM radio and recording, as well as Voice and Line-in recording.
  • Touchpad operated key
  • 256 MB
  • MP3/WMA/OGG[Ogg vobis] (upgradeable Firmware)
  • Variable Equalizer (User, POP/Classic/Jazz/Rock/DBB)
  • FM Tuner
  • SRS WOW 3-D Surround
  • Scalable MP3 (Save memory size by half)
  • MP3/FM Encoding
  • 20Hours playback(AAA x 2)
  • MP3, WMA Playback
  • Voice Recording
  • Lyric Auto Sync display (LDB)
  • Aluminum/Acryl mold
Since the majority of the features are the same, I'll focus on the ones that are different from the previous two Yepp reviews. To begin, the 780V is a touchpad MP3 player, as opposed to the button-driven 55i and T5V. This makes the 780V quite larger, but still very, very small. In our forums, we've been asked to compare the size of the MP3 players, so here we have a quarter (for size reference), the 55i, the T5V and the 780V.

As you can see, its not a drastic change in size, but that extra room yields a HUGE amount of maneuverability when you're trying to change a menu option. This Yepp also offers more ability to listen to different track types, now including OGG Vorbis, on top of MP3, WMA and WAV.

The 780V also offers the ability to further compress your MP3s with 2xMP3, thus increasing your total track count by nearly 100%. Closer Look
I think the best part of the 780V is most likely the Touch Pad. With barely a touch, the controls light up at your fingertips, and won't be activated by neutral elements, such as the inside of your pocket. The touchpad is an incredible improvement over the very rudimentary controls of the 55i and T5V.

Once again, the 780V has the USB port (which is still bloody 1.1 - come on Samsung), battery compartment, On/Off/Hold switch, neckstrap holder, line-in and earphone ports.


The Yepp's backlight is blue, and upon the touch of any button, the button will glow orange for a moment. The backlight timer is controllable from within the menu, ranging from 3 sec to Always On.


The Menu of the Yepp itself is similarly structured as the previous Yepps, with very straightforward menu titles, and a handy Menu Map within the Manual to help you find anything if you can't from floating through the menu.

Coming to the end of the physical product, the carrying case for the 780V stays on par with the functionality of the T5V, with easy access to earphone jack, USB port, On/Off/Hold switch, and all of the front buttons. It even features an integrated belt holder, so you can just snap it on and go.


Closer Look (Cont.)
As for the Software, finally I'm going to review it, because this time around it's actually good! The software itself is incredibly straightforward, with one screen for arranging the playlist you'd like on the Yepp, and one to show what you already have on the Yepp. The transfers are as simple as a click of a button, and the music on the Yepp is arranged as it was on your computer Playlist.


On top of that, the Yepp will add to your music library new music that isn't in there, and allows easy surfing to find music and recordings in different folders, as well as any additional files that are on there (conveniently in the ETC folder) if you choose to use the Yepp as a USB key.

Last but not least, the Yepp Studio allows you to create Albums, which can be drag/dropped onto the Yepp, instead of having to arrange the Playlist every time. That means if you have a couple albums you feel like having on there, they're all seperated, and in order.


Finally Samsung has it right - except for ONE PART! The USB is STILL 1.1! That's archaic! If the YP-780V had USB 2.0 support, I'd be forced to declare it a perfect solid-state MP3 player. As is, the YP-780V is an incredible player, both feature-rich and incredibly easy to use. This MP3 player has the others beat, and with Samsung's refinements, finally the YP-780V will earn the coveted Editor's Choice Award! Congrats to Samsung on creating a comprehensive, easy-to-use MP3 player.


  • Small physical size
  • Large capacity
  • Functionality
  • Looks
  • Feature-Rich
  • Long battery life
  • Fantastic Manual
  • Extremely useful software



  • USB 1.1