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Samsung Yepp 780V MP3 Player Review


Closer Look
I think the best part of the 780V is most likely the Touch Pad. With barely a touch, the controls light up at your fingertips, and won't be activated by neutral elements, such as the inside of your pocket. The touchpad is an incredible improvement over the very rudimentary controls of the 55i and T5V.

Once again, the 780V has the USB port (which is still bloody 1.1 - come on Samsung), battery compartment, On/Off/Hold switch, neckstrap holder, line-in and earphone ports.


The Yepp's backlight is blue, and upon the touch of any button, the button will glow orange for a moment. The backlight timer is controllable from within the menu, ranging from 3 sec to Always On.


The Menu of the Yepp itself is similarly structured as the previous Yepps, with very straightforward menu titles, and a handy Menu Map within the Manual to help you find anything if you can't from floating through the menu.

Coming to the end of the physical product, the carrying case for the 780V stays on par with the functionality of the T5V, with easy access to earphone jack, USB port, On/Off/Hold switch, and all of the front buttons. It even features an integrated belt holder, so you can just snap it on and go.


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