Samsung TS-H552 DVD+RW Review

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Reviewed on: March 3, 2004
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So, today we'll be looking at something that many people are familiar with, but overlook as an important part of their PC. Samsung's newest offering, the TS-H552 is one of these commonly overlooked pieces. The TS-H55B is non other then an Optical Drive, but a very sophisticated one at that. As a new addition to the Samsung ODD product line, will this drive be able to shine? Will it live up to the Samsung name? We've seen a number of their products before, and come to expect quality from Samsung, so let's rev this drive up and see what it can do.

"Samsung DVD±R/RW Drive is a new innovative product which provides powerful data storage. Features include creating personal DVD title : DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, data back-up for DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD-RW, Buffer Under Run Free Technology with EIDE/ATAPI Interface with Ultra DMA 33 mode."


Data Transfer Rate
Write: 4X (5.4MB/sec)
Read: 8X(10.8MB/sec)

Burst Transfer Rate
PIO Mode 4 (16.6MB/sec)
Ultra DMA Mode 2 (33.3MB/sec)

Average Access Time

Supported Disk Format

Buffer Memory
2 MB

Dimension (W x H x D mm)
148.2 x 42 x 184

Weight (kg)

Closer Look

The packaging for the TS-H552 is much the same as any other optical drive's. Packaged neatly inside we find:


Installation is fairly easy - simply slide into place, secure and attach the appropriate wiring. The drive is a bit shorter then some of the older drives out there - sliding in at 184mm, the drive leaves a bit of extra wiggle room in some of the smaller cases, but is not immediately necessary in some of the full tower cases out there.

So, we get to the meat and potatoes of the article. Packaged along with the Nero 6 version is a handy little CD/DVD Speed program that lets you benchmark your optical drives. The program allows you to see what type of burning process the drive offers, the speeds at which it begins/ends at as well as the average, seek times, burst rates and even the time it takes to open and close the drive. As well, with an audio disc, you can test the DAE quality - how well the disc reads and copies music when burning.

And as a general FAQ, this page provides an excellent resource on virtually everything DVD. Using their DVD Writer List, we find that the only 2 incompatible formats with this writer are DVD±RDL, and DVD-RAM.

Benchmark 1
This test takes a DVD+R (4.35G) and reads it from beginning to end, testing drive speed with DVD, read type, access times and burst rate, as well as CPU usage for different set drive speeds.

As we can see, the drive reaches and surpasses the given 8x speed, with an average read speed of approximately 6x. At the higher read speeds, the load on the CPU becomes much larger, but not so much to drown a modern system.

Benchmark 2
Similar to the previous test, this benchmark takes a burned Data CD (77:53.47) and reads it from beginning to end, testing drive speed with DVD, read type, access times and burst rate, as well as CPU usage for different set drive speeds.

Again, we see the drive reaching nearly 49x thus surpassing the listed drive speed, with an average speed of approximately 37x. At higher read speeds, no noticible impact was made on the test system.


Benchmark 3
Quality is definately an important factor in an optical drive. For instance, my previous optical drive was unfortunately a bargain name brand (which will remain nameless) that had the strange tendency to create random skips and poor data in both MP3 and Audio CDs.

With this last test, the DAE quality and Accurate Stream test, we are able to find if the drive will accurately reproduce both data and sound in a test system. The DAE Test takes audio data snippets and records them to the harddrive, then compares the snippets to the actual information on the disc. The Accurate Stream tests the ability of the drive to accurately read and play at the same time.

Dead on. DAE quality of 10 and Accurate Streaming. Anything less would be uncivilized. :D

Benchmark 4
Last but not least we'll take a look at the Drive index as measured by SiSoft Sandra. Most of you will be familiar with this - a simple speed comparison test. Looks like the Samsung drive is well outperforming the premeasured Sandra drives.


Once again, Samsung has proved its brand worth. Creating a compact, quiet, efficient and multi-capable drive of this caliber was an excellent step forward in Samsung's Optical Disk Drive line of products. With almost every single burning option available currently, if you're looking for a quality DVD writer, this is it.