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Samsung Green DDR3L 1600 2x4GB Review

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For the most part memory is memory is memory. Most people do not spend the time to overclock their RAM and those that do often only do for higher benchmark scores or to get larger quantities to play well with each other. Unfortunately with only a few other kits to compare to it is rather difficult to make a fair comparison with. We are comparing more expensive kits with varying quantities and better stock speeds to "green" eco-friendly RAM. Cost alone has its own voice here. I guess the main point is to show where it does stand. Looking at the overclock, like we expected we saw a quick increase with added voltage; with a low starting point it's often easy to move up. Using the overclock as the starting view it starts out in 3rd place (out of four sets). The fact that it does place above the others in a few benches here and there proves that it is most definitely a competitor.

I'm not a greenie but I do like the concept of pulling any less voltage from a rig that might run all day. For example, here at the house we've got an HTPC that runs 24/7 and only really gets turned off for long term absences (maybe once a year if it's lucky). The rest of the time it gets rebooted for Windows updates and remains running all day and all night long. Efficiency when you are paying the power bill is what you look for. The Samsung Green DDR3L 1600 sticks have a perfect home here. Although it's an HTPC it serves as an additional moderate gaming rig for visiting friends and family to join in on LAN. Having the ability to save on the power bill while at the same time not lose much, if any, to performance is a definite plus.

Another big pro for me, which should have been stated a 100 times over already, is the fact that it is low profile. A lot of CPU coolers on the market today are seemingly increasing in size. I know my Noctua NH-U12P cooler has to lift a fan to accommodate my Redline kit. Fortunately my cooler allows for this; however, if you have physical fins on the overhang there isn't much you can do about it -- other than buy some low profile RAM. If you have a beast of a cooler, or want to get that beast of a cooler, now you can. Just throw this low profile RAM in there and clearance won't be your problem anymore. For the great price, nice overclocking capabilities and advantages of being low profile and low voltage -- this might be something well worth your time. 



  • Low voltage and green friendly.
  • Plenty of overhead voltage for overclocking.
  • Low profile
  • Overclocking
  • Low cost
  • Fits under large heatsinks



  • Not the tightest timings.


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