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Samsung SyncMaster 173P LCD Review


Closer Look(Cont.)

Next: Simple. Again, the 173P certainly qualifies. First off, the biggest difference between this monitor and any others I've used: No adjustment buttons. You heard me right; no adjustment buttons. This simplifies the overall look a great deal. 'But wait', you say, 'How the heck do I adjust my monitor then?' Well, with the MagicTune software of course. Which we'll look at in a bit. Back to the monitor: another Simple feature of the 173P is the power button itself. Small and sleek, it's not your traditional button. With a simple touch, as opposed to a 'push-and-click' type button, the monitor turns on or off, accompanied with a pleasant beep. This wonderful new technology is facilitated by anything conductive. So unfortunately, if you've become used to turning on your monitor with something like a toothbrush, or a small stick, you'll now have to use a fork, or a spare piece of steel; anything that conducts works. Personally, I chose to use my finger, and by simply brushing across the button, the monitor switches on/off.

Samsung - Slim, Simple, Stylish

Last: Style. This monitor is one slick piece of work. From the silver bezel, to the beveled edges and trim, to the simple, understated but sleek fashion, this monitor has good looks. The only thing that really threw me off was the colour of the back of the monitor: a basic (but still good looking) white. At the time it seemed strange in a time where black is the new beige, but I've grown to like it, to tell you the truth.


The connections for the monitor are at the back of the base, and include DVI-D, a 15-pin D-Sub (Analog) and power connections. Movement of the monitor is in four dimensions...or 5...basically you have 360 degress of possibilities. Let me outline what the monitor offers (and what I mean).

1) Vertical height: The height of the screen
2) Tilt: The back-and-forth lean of the monitor
3) Swivel: The base of the monitor has a track that allows you to swivel from side-to-side
4) Rotation: The monitor rotates, and using the included PivotPro software (which we'll talk about later, with MagicTune) you can choose if you want to have a sideways monitor (which is good for watching movies lying down in bed, might I add) or a 'tall' monitor, which allows a maximum resolution of 1024x1280, and is fantastic for reading papers, writing, or checking up on the Overclockers Club Forums.


Well. That's a whole boatload of features! Let's move on, this monitor still has plenty to offer!

  1. Introduction & Specifications
  2. Closer Look
  3. Closer Look (Continued)
  4. Installation
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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