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Samsung SyncMaster 172X LCD Monitor Review


Installation With any Preset, in the Options menu, you can use MagicBright to change between scenarios - Text, Internet, and Entertainment. These settings adjust the brightness and contrast automatically, allowing for a dimmer, easier on the eyes experience for reading and typing on Text, a moderate brightness on Internet (for reading and graphics) and the full range of colours and a higher brightness for Entertainment (movies and games). This quick switching ability makes eye stress a thing of the past. No more will you start twitching because you've been exposed to a bright white screen typing for hours, and movies become much cleaner. Again, after you change a setting, you'll be asked if you want to apply it to the Preset, but you can still select 'No' and use the setting - useful in situations where you want to switch to a different Bright setting for a period of time, but still have your default setting different.

The last tab - Support - has only one button, which checks online for updates with the MagicTune software.

The only addition to this is again the extra button the 172X boasts, featuring a quick-link to the MagicBright option with the ability to quickly switch between the MagicBright settings, which was an incredibly convenient feature.

The 172X LCD
To understand how this monitor holds up against others in the market, let’s take a look at the vital statistics – the things you need to know about an LCD monitor.

Pixel Pitch: 0.294mm – Larger then the 0.264mm the 173P boasted, this is not a bigger is better scenario. Though not necessarily noticeable, the larger pixel pitch is a big bigger then the newest standard for LCD monitors at 17” and 1280x1024 max resolution.

Brightness: 270cd/m2 – At 270cd/m2, the 172X is identical to the 173P, allowing for excellent brightness, clarity and adaptability, and one of the highest ratings available.

Contrast Ratio: 500:1 – At 500:1, the 172X ranks lower then the 173P (at 700:1), but is still an exceptional rating, and among the top in its class.

Viewing Angle: 160° / 140° - This refers to the viewing angle from side-on and top-down. These ratings for the 172X reflect its somewhat larger pixel pitch, but still is an exceptional viewing area.

Response Time: 12ms - This is what we’ve been waiting for the entire review – the response time. The 172X SHINES at 12ms – it is one of the fastest response times on the market. This allows for a near complete elimination of ghosting in even the highest speed gaming environments, and objective that is very important in a gamer’s setup.

Once again with the 172X we have both the standard Analog and the DVI-D connection options. This allows for you to choose what you want, or use older or onboard graphics cards. I genuinely think I can see the end of Analog on the horizon though – DVI connections are going to be the new standard sooner rather then later.

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  5. Testing & Conclusion
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