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Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System

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Next up, we have the flight stick. The stick assembly is where the majority of the buttons and switches are. The stick allows for pitch, roll and way with its maneuverability. Again, let's start off with an overview look of the assembly. You can see that this system was made for the comfort of the user. The grip eases the hand of the user, for stability and control.






Now let's get close in and see what it has to offer us. 1-3) Three two way toggle switches - perfect for landing gear or doors, 4&5) two eight way hat switches, 6-8) multi-use buttons, 9) trigger 4 with safety cover and 10) profile Selector. The LED next to the profile selector will change red, greed and blue, depending on the profile selected.



A couple points of note on the joystick itself, are the the dual springs on the stick support. This helps a lot in maintaining perfect flight, by giving the right amount of resistance, so you do not over steer. The second is the ability to adjust the grip for all types of hands. That way, you are not reaching to be able to pull the pinkie or other buttons.




For the hardware side of the installation, it is pretty straight forward. Position the throttle and joystick where you have a comfortable grip on them both. There are suction cups for the bottom of the two, which I feel are optional, depending on the simulation you are using them on and user preference. I did not apply them, because one of the games I tested it on was a first person shooter that has air vehicles in the game, so I needed to have the option to switch between the flight system and the keyboard/mouse. Next, take the connecting cable and plug it into both the throttle and the joystick. Once they are plugged together, insert the USB cable that is attached to the throttle into an empty USB slot in the computer. If the cables were connected correctly, a power light will come on for both units, showing they are up and running.



Then, insert the DVD that was supplied to install the drivers and Demo version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

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