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Saitek P3200 Rumble Gamepad Review

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The Saitek P3200 Rumble turned out to be a very good choice for those looking to buy an accurate and well designed gamepad. The controls were smooth and balanced, and any adjustment that was needed was easily configured using the Saitek profiler. The rumble forces helped enhance my experience and created a real sense of action while playing Combat Flight Simulator 3. The dogfights were vivid and the different vibrations I felt added depth to the firefights. Skirmishes in Medal of Honor: Airborne were handled with ease using the analog sticks. With small adjustments to the range and deadzone, I was able to dial in the feel and really put the pressure on my enemies. The only negatives that I discovered during testing were related to the feel of the device and not the function. The cable provided is only 5 feet long and can cause issues for those of us who like to play from a distance on our TVs. Aside from being slightly bulkier than the Xbox360 PC, the P3200 was a pleasure to hold and manipulate for extended periods of use. For those who have migrated from consoles, the centered analog sticks are a familiar and welcomed position to most traditional gamepads. Anyone who is looking for an excellent controller that is compatible with Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit) needs not look any further than the Saitek P3200 Rumble. This gamepad provides awesome control and a multitude of functions and adjustability. It will undoubtedly immerse you in your games while optimizing them for enhanced enjoyment.



  • Saitek Profiler
  • Precise Controls
  • Rumble Forces
  • Traditional Layout
  • Windows XP & Vista (32 and 64 bit)
  • Price



  • Short Cable
  • Bulky


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