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Saitek GM3200 Laser Mouse Review

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Closer Look:

Now, the box and CD is great, but if you are reading this I'd imagine you want to know more about the Saitek GM3200 itself. The mouse is ergonomic, so it isn't symmetric. However, this should aid the comfort factor for those of us who use our right hands. In the below picture, you can see that the mouse has two main mouse buttons, left and right, with a scroll wheel in the middle. This is pretty standard on mice, but you also probably noticed the two buttons below the scroll wheel which aren't standard on most mice. These buttons control the sensitivity of the mouse and mode of the mouse. The top button allows you to move up and down through four DPI settings (800/1600/2400/3200 DPI), while the bottom button allows you to switch in between two modes of operation which are configured in the included software. There is also a small LED strip on the left. The first four LEDs from the top tell you what DPI you are running at, with 800 DPI being the top option and 3200 DPI being the fourth LED down. The other two LEDs are to let you know which mode you are running in. Also, the mouse uses a gold plated USB connector, which reduces latency in between the mouse and the computer, meaning that it takes less time for the electrical signals from the mouse to reach the computer.











The left side of the mouse also has two mouse buttons, forward and back. These are customizable and are located high enough, so that you won't accidentally press one with your thumb, but they are still easily accessible.


One of the coolest features of the GM3200 is its ability to adjust the weight and amount of friction between the mouse and mouse pad. On the bottom of the mouse are two doors. These doors can be taken off to reveal the weights which are set into a foam pad. It takes a little while to get the weights out, but it isn't impossible. There are five weights at the back of the mouse and two at the front, so there is a good amount of weight that you can either shift around, or take out of the mouse completely.



The doors that we took of to get to the weights, actually serve a second purpose besides securing the weights. They are the parts of the mouse that allow you to adjust the friction. To do this, the doors can be flipped over which reveals a larger contact pad for higher friction. Both this and the weights, are a matter of personal preference, but they are both very easy to change.



Let's take a look at the software that came with the GM3200!

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