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Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Headset Review

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To test the Saitek Cyborg 5.1 headset, I'll be comparing it to the Plantronics Audio 550 DSP headset. I will be testing music, game, and movie playback, comfort and the microphone quality. Each test is based out of 100 possible points, where 100 is perfect and 0 is terrible. I watched "The Italian Job" with each headset and with the Saitek headset, I watched the movie in "Stereo" mode as well. For the gaming portion of the test, I played a few of my favorite games including, Call of Duty 4, Counter-Strike: Source, and Crysis. I listened to an array of music to really see if I could hear a difference between the headsets. To test the microphone quality, I went into TeamSpeak and talked with my buddies for an extended period of time. Now let's see how these headsets compare to each other!

Test System:



Music & Movie Playback:

The Saitek Cyborg kept crackling every now and again while I was listening to music with the 5.1 surround sound setting. The funny thing is, when I was using the "Stereo" mode of the headset, I didn't hear any more crackling. The Plantronics definitely sounded better than the Saitek Cyborg in this test. I would have to say that the 5.1 audio on the Cyborg is definitely legit because no sounds interfere with each other. During "The Italian Job", I didn't hear any crackles during the whole movie on either setting. The 5.1 sound only made the movie slightly better than the "Stereo". After watching the movie three times in a row, I felt like the Cyborg and Plantronics sounded about the same.



I was still expecting the crackling during the games, but surprisingly, I did not have much at all. I heard it crackle once in a two hour session. The Cyborg's 5.1 capabilities made the game much more enjoyable than when I used the "Stereo" setting. The Plantronics was good, however, the quality of the sound that the Cyborg gave out was just hard to beat.



The Cyborg headset covers my ears completely, while the Plantronics headset simply rests on my ears. The Saitek headset was so much more comfortable to wear than the Plantronics. Also, the felt-like material  felt better on my ears than the leather material of the Plantronics.


Microphone Quality:

Each of my friends in TeamSpeak told me that each headset sounded the same quality wise. I do like how the microphone on the Cyborg is removable and it's bendable too. Because of those two things, the Cyborg scored slightly higher than the Plantronics headset.


Clearly, this headset isn't bad at all.

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