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Saitek Cyborg Gamepad Review

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In order to test the Cyborg Rumble, it is necessary to use it in a couple of game scenarios. I wanted to test the FPS button layout against the default configuration of a newer FPS game and see how accurate and time-saving this feature is. I also wanted to test out the sensitivity and control using a configured profile. The games I chose to use in my tests were Medal of Honor: Airborne and Combat Flight Simulator 3. Since there are a limited number of First Person Shooters that support force feedback, I decided to test the rumble feature of the gamepad while flying around the skies dog fighting with enemy combatants. I will be testing the Saitek P3200 Rumble and Microsoft Xbox 360 PC controller alongside the Cyborg to see how it does against other similar gamepads. I will rate the gamepads in four categories. The first is Sensitivity: how accurate and smooth the gameplay is using the controller. The second is Adjustability: this includes all options to adjust and maximize functionality as well as its profiling. The third is Layout: this is more opinion based but each will be scrutinized on the location of their buttons and analog sticks. The last category is Comfort: after playing through a few levels with each gamepad I will rate them on how they felt. Whether they caused any discomfort and any pleasing attributes about their design that made them comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time. They will be rated on a scale from 1-100.


Testing Setup:

  • Saitek Cyborg Rumble
  • Saitek P3200 Rumble
  • Microsoft Xbox360 PC
  • Gigabyte GA-M51GM-S2G
  • AMD AM2 X2 +3800
  • Antec HTPC case
  • Antec 380w PSU
  • XFX 8600GTS (675/2000MHz)
  • 2GB OCZ Platinum PC6400
  • WD 80GB SATAII 7200rpm HDD
  • Samsung DVD+DL SATA
  • Windows XP Pro SP2 x64
  • Norcent 19" 16:10 LCD(1440x900)


All of the gamepads scored well in the Sensitivity category. The Cyborg Rumble performed excellent in both games providing seamlessly smooth changes in direction and pitch. Using the FPS button’s layout, I was able to successfully navigate the menus for MoH: Airborne and most buttons were correctly laid out during gameplay. The Cyborg got the edge in this category because of its Precision Mode. I set the right analog stick to be less sensitive when I depressed the left analog button. I used this feature while firing a sniper rifle and it helped steady my aim tremendously. The rumble forces were a big upside when playing Combat Flight Simulator 3 using all of the gamepads. They all accurately portrayed my plane's engine vibrations as I dipped and banked to avoid enemy fire. It really kicked in when firing upon enemy planes and while pulling extreme Gs in tight turns and manuevers. In the Adjustability category, I gave both Saitek controllers the upper hand due to the fact that they come with profilers. Using the profiler, I was able to dial in the Cyborg exactly as I wanted, producing a very fluid and realistic feel. The Xbox 360 PC gamepad requires the purchase of an aftermarket profiler such as Pinnacle’s or playing games that fully support the Xbox 360 PC controller.



The layout for all the controllers is excellent. The buttons and analog sticks are located within easy reach of your thumbs. The trigger and bumper buttons are placed perfectly and require no strain or shifting of the controller to access. The Cyborg once again wins with its ability to swap the location of the left controls. This makes it easy for those who prefer Playstation’s layout over Microsoft’s to switch to a more comfortable and familiar layout. This feature also helped bump up the score in the Comfort category for the Cyborg Rumble as the option to swap controls made it slightly more comfortable than the P3200. The lead ultimately went to the Xbox 360. The shapes of the controllers are nearly identical, but the Xbox360 is less bulking and more streamlined, though none of the gamepads became uncomfortable after an extended period of use. Cord length played another part in the score; both Saiteks have five foot cables while the Xbox 360 PC is wireless.



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