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Saitek Cyborg Gamepad Review

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To install the Cyborg Rumble, plug the USB connector into any available USB 2.0 port. Windows will recognize the device and install basic drivers for the gamepad. To get all the features of the device, it is necessary to install the drivers on the provided disc.




Upon inserting the disc, a window will pop up and welcome you to the Saitek Setup Wizard. The first screen lists all the steps that will be carried out during installation. The next screen is the companies’ disclaimer for using its product; check the box to continue.




The next page is the driver setup screen. Plug the Cyborg Rumble in if you haven’t already and the installation will begin. After completing, the setup will take you to the Properties screen to test to make sure the device is functioning properly.



The first tab of this window allows you to test the axes and buttons on the Cyborg Rumble. Take a moment to check the functionality of each button and analog stick. The rumble effects can be tested at the same time by leaving the Test Rumble Effects box checked. The Force tab allows you to adjust the gain or strength of the rumble effects during gaming to your liking. A link to information regarding the TouchSense technology used by the Cyborg is listed at the bottom.



The Deadzones tab can be used to adjust the settings for both analog sticks, as well as the triggers. Increasing the deadzone will help reduce and slow pitching in either direction by creating a zone of limited sensitivity. The next tab allows you to configure Precision Mode for either of analog stick’s axes. When set, you can dynamically reduce the sensitivity of the axis and help smooth the movement when aiming a sniper’s rifle during gameplay.



Most games being released are shipped with support for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controllers. The X-Mode Mapping option in the Analog Buttons tab allows the Cyborg to mirror the Xbox 360 controller and function the same way in these games. The last tab in the list the driver version and includes a link to the SST Programming software, although the software is included on the disc.



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