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Saitek Cyborg Gamepad Review

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Closer Look:

The contents of the box are laid out in the first photo. The controller comes wrapped in bubble packing to ensure that no harm comes to the gamepad's exterior finish. Included in the box are the drivers for Vista and XP, along with a quick install guide written in many international languages.





The face of the Cyborg will be very familiar for most gamers. Those who moved from an Xbox or Playstation to the PC will feel right at home with this gamepad. The layout is a combination of Sony’s Dual-Shock and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controllers. The topside houses the trigger and bumper buttons that are quite similar to the Xbox 360 controller.



Unique to the Cyborg Rumble is the FPS (First Person Shooter) button located in the center of the controller. When pressed, a preset layout mapped to most newly released FPS games is enabled. This removes the need to configure a layout and saves lots of time and energy. On the bottom of the controller is where the release button for the left controls is located. Simply press and the controls will pull out from the gamepad.



The first position is styled toward those who are comfortable with Playstation controllers. The two analog sticks are centered in the middle of the gamepad, placing the d-pad toward the shoulder. The second mirrors the Xbox 360 controller exactly. The left analog stick is on the outer edge with the d-pad in the center. One drawback to this configuration is that the left analog button no longer functions, a definite drawback if more commands are necessary.



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