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Rosewill RX81-MP External USB/eSATA 3.5 Review

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To test the enclosure I am going to use a program called HDTune to measure the average transfer rate, the burst speed, the access time, and the CPU utilization percentage of a Seagate 7200.10 hard drive. The measurements will be taken twice in the Rosewill enclosure, one for the USB connection and one for the eSATA connection, for comparison. I am also going to compare it against the Seagate FreeAgent Pro which uses the exact same drive, and has both the USB and eSATA connections as well.


Testing Setup:

Comparison Enclosure:



Now for the tests. There will be two tests for each enclosure, one for USB and one for eSATA, and one test for the drive internally on a motherboard SATA connector. For the average and burst rates, higher scores are better. For the access time and CPU utilization scores, lower is better.




File Transfer Times:

For a final test I am going to measure the ammount of time it takes to transfer a 10MB, 100MB, and 500MB file to the drive, using each interface. Time will be measures in seconds, using a digital stop watch from when I drop the file to the destination, to when the transfer box disapears. Lower scores are better.



The Rosewill RX81-MP takes the lead from the FreeAgent Pro and is almost as fast as an internal hard drive in some cases. For the burst rate, the Rosewill with an eSATA connection just smokes the FreeAgent. For the file transfers, the Rosewill RX81-MP was slightly faster than the FreeAgent drive, but still not as fast as if it were installed internally.

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