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Rosewill RX81-MP External USB/eSATA 3.5 Review

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To start off the installation you need to flip the RX81-MP over and remove the two inner screws to release the inside of the enclosure. Slide out the inside and you will see four more sets of screws holding an aluminum shield on the top of the inner part. Remove these screws and the enclosure is open.










Once the enclosure is opened you can see the control board with the connectors on it. There is the power switch, USB, eSATA, and power ports that connect directly to the board. The wire leads to the left lead to the dual-colored LED that is hidden behind the ported front. It shows blue when drive is on, and flickers blue and red when the drive is being accessed. To install the drive, place it in the enclosure and connect the SATA power cable and the SATA data cable to the drive.




Flip the inner part of the enclosure over and use the four drive screws included to secure the drive in place. Next, replace the aluminum shield back over the inner parts and replace the four screws. Slide the inner part back into the enclosure and place the two screws in to hold it into place.  Now it is ready to use.




Configuring the RX81-MP is quite simple. Just plug in the power adapter and the interface you prefer. For USB, just plug it into the computer and the drivers will automatically install. A box will pop up asking you what you wish to do with the content on the drive.


eSATA is a little different.  You have to restart the computer for it to recognize your drive unless your motherboard supports SATA hot swapping. One thing I would like to point out, is that if you use the eSATA connection, you may have to alter the drive a bit. During testing I could not get the computer to recognize the drive in the BIOS. I tried for hours until something told me to remove the back port shield from the enclosure because it didn't look like the eSATA cable was going all the way in. As soon as I did this it worked fine. On the RX81-MP enclosure sent to me for testing, the back plate was too thick to allow the cable to go all the way in, and the hole was not big enough to allow it to pass. I tried several eSATA cables and neither worked with the back plate on.



Now that everything is installed, and working let's move on to the testing.

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  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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