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ROCCAT Kulo 7.1 USB Headset Review

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Overall I must say I enjoyed the ROCCAT Kulo headset. I found that it works straight out of the box and the ability to plug and play is an awesome feature.  Although you will not get the 7.1 functionality without first installing the proper driver, the headset still sounds great in stereo. Thankfully the driver is easy to acquire and a breeze to install allowing for a quick setup. The headset itself is very comfortable to wear over long periods of time and works exceptionally well for communication. I love the fact that I can easily mute the microphone by swiveling it up: this prevents me from making tons of noise while I tab out to respond to E-mails or attend to other business. The Kulo headset is very comfortable despite some of the components appearing as if they could be very harsh on the head. Since I have been yelling at everyone while wearing the Kulo I can safely assume the noise canceling feature works well. It certainly becomes apparent when people cringe and point to your headset as you talk to them.

The price is a little higher than what I would usually pay for a headset. My comparison headset has a little more bass, is a true 5.1 setup, and cost $20 less at the time. However, the Kulo does have decent overall sound quality. Gaming worked flawlessly as there was no hassling with Windows to get things set up properly. It just worked. Music sounded great, and the only thing I can really complain about is the lack of deep, rumbling bass while playing movies.  Although the bass does not come through with great impact, the Kulo was not designed for this type of low frequency delivery. When listening to any movie through a headset it is hard to not be slightly biased when you compare it to a full home theater setup. Nonetheless, the ROCCAT Kulo is a headset worthy of your consideration.



  • Comfortable and fits multiple head sizes without over-squeezing
  • Microphone mute
  • Great game audio and music playback
  • Changeable ear pads allow you to replace them when they become dirty
  • Simple USB hookup eliminates the need for color matching



  • Expensive


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