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ROCCAT Kulo 7.1 USB Headset Review

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After you install the ROCCAT driver for the Kulo headset you will notice it is just another run-of-the-mill C-Media control center. At least it is familiar and there is nothing too fancy to figure out here. This program allows you to add the DSP effects and get that virtual 7.1 output I have been talking about. Back in Windows, you can actually use the Windows configuration to hear the 7.1 setup. However, I felt this is a slight downside to the controls here on the main page since it is difficult to test the changes you make.
















The Mixer tab lets you play around with the volume control for the microphone and speakers separately. This is always a plus but it is something you can already accomplish in Windows. Nothing too fancy here, just your generic microphone playback and volume controls.


The Effect tab gives you the ability to sound like you are in the shower, an amphitheater, a living room, and many other locations. Beyond sounding obnoxious and being silly these settings have little purpose. Then you have your typical equalizer with the default setting as well as rock, rap, jazz, metal and other settings for different types of music. In my opinion the equalizer is best left on the default setting (flat response), however the ability to adjust the audio to your overall liking is always a plus.


Next is the tab that everyone plays with: The Karaoke/Magic Voice tab. For you males out there who like to increase the pitch of your voice to get free stuff in WoW or decrease the pitch to sound more manly, this tab is for you. The typical key shifter and the fun vocal cancelation for your favorite songs are both in one place. Have at it!


The final tab incorporates all the extraneous information the average user does not want to know. Nevertheless, it provides very useful information when you have issues and need to check which driver version you are running. This tab is also where the toggle for turning on or off the configuration icon in your system tray is hidden.

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