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ROCCAT Kova [+] Gaming Mouse Review

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So ROCCAT got smart and realized we don’t all have Internet when we are using new components. The Kova[+] installs itself as a standard mouse when you plug it in so you can at least use it as just an ordinary mouse. I wouldn’t advise it, but in a crunch you could use it if you didn’t have another option. However, like I said, ROCCAT got smart – they’ve included the driver CD for you! It seems like it’s been so long since I’ve seen one of these included. Everyone just assumes the Internet is at everyone’s fingertips at all times, so this is a major plus in my book already. Props to you, ROCCAT.

The drivers are easy to install from the internet or the CD. Essentially click “run” and it sets itself up without a problem. After that you can open the control center and have full control over your Kova[+]. The first tab of the mouse settings dialog is “Main Control”. This tab has your bog-standard mouse configuration settings for sensitivity, scrolling speed, tilt speed, and available DPI settings. Also handy is the inclusion of the ability to change the built-in Windows sensitivity slider as well as enabling and disabling of Windows mouse acceleration. The double-click sensitivity is also available for change. The bottom right of the dialog has the option to reset the mouse to factory settings if you manage to screw up the settings to the point where you can’t stand them at all. The second tab, labeled “Button Assignment”, does just that. Each of the buttons is easily selectable with a drop-down menu providing the options for action assignment. The macro manager is also on this page and allows you to assign macros to a certain button press or Easy-Shift[+] button combination. It’s important to note here that the Easy-Shift[+] button can only be assigned to buttons five or seven (the two back buttons on either side of the mouse).











Moving on to the third tab, labeled “Advanced Control”, you will find options for the LED lights, the USB polling rate, and the sound feedback. The LED settings are relatively limited with only seven colors to choose from…but that’s still six more colors than your standard gaming mouse! The colors cycle by default from the factory in what ROCCAT calls a “breathing effect” where each color fades in and out over the course of a few seconds. I found this to be quite neat looking and left it enabled after playing with a few different color combinations. I’m not sure why anyone would prefer a slower USB polling rate but the options are there to set 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz polling rates. All tests were performed with the polling rate set at 1000 Hz. The sound feedback settings allow you to adjust not only the volume of the vocal feedback but what setting changes trigger it as well. The last tab, “Update/Support”, has everything you need to either update your driver or get online support. The big “Driver Download” button automatically downloads and installs any available updates should you click it and the “Online Support” button takes you to the ROCCAT online support page. ROCCAT has also conveniently included links to send them an email and to send in a support request should you have any questions or if something goes awry.



Once you’ve found your preferred settings you can save them as one of five profiles. This allows you to have different settings for different programs, different games, and even for different users. They are even easily switched between using the Easy-Shift[+] feature. Each profile even keeps settings for the different button mappings. To be honest, other than the fact that only two buttons are able to be used for the Easy-Shift[+] feature, there’s not much more you could ask for in a mouse control panel. You literally get to 'set the rules' with your mouse, as ROCCAT likes to put it.

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