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Ideazon Reaper Edge Gaming Mouse Review

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Are gaming mice truly better than white box? There are those out there that think this is so, but we are here to find out for sure. I am going to be testing the Ideazon Reaper Edge Gaming Mouse against several mice that offer similar features. All mice are wired USB mice and use laser tracking that is user adjustable. I am going to be testing for speed, comfort, precision, and the ability to customize.



Testing Setup



The first test is the speed test. For this test I use each mouse on Battlefield 2 in a tank. Anyone who has played Battlefield 2 knows that turning the turret of the tank is very very slow. I graded on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the slowest and 10 being the fastest) on how fast I was able to complete a 360 degree turn in the turret.



Next up I tested the Reaper for comfort compared against the other mice. I used the mouse continuously during a two hour gaming session and 1 hour of surfing. I graded it on how my hand and wrist stood up to the test. Again it is on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the most cramped and 10 being very comfortable.



Precision is the best test on the capabilities of a mouse. For this test I tried a range of sniping games: Counter Strike, COD4, and just for fun I used Halo CE. The scores are 1-10 based on how many head shots I was able to achieve. 1 being no headshots, and 10 being all headshots.



Lastly, we have the ability to be customized. To gauge this test, I graded on a scale of 1 to 10 based on two categories. First, being the ability to change the buttons for in-game play, and the second the ability to change options on the fly.



The reason for the 8 in customizability is not because the reaper did not have the same options as the G5 and G9. The problem I had; which lost major points for the Reaper, is that on the G5 and G9 you have an up and down option for changing on the fly DPI settings. For changing DPI on the Ideazon there is just one button, and if you're at the lowest DPI setting you have to click 4 times to get to the highest, and then cycle back through again to get to second highest. When you are in the heat of a battle you don't have time to look down and see how many times you've clicked. Another big loss for the Ideazon was the top thumb button. I had to disable its function because I kept hitting it by accident when lifting my mouse up which became very frustrating.



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