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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas


Closer Look:

As you move through missions, you can pick up any of the firearms dropped by enemies and use them in place of your own. There are also places in the game that allow you to re-equip your player. You can re-arm you character and even switch to any of the 40 guns in the inventory, including the ability to customize the different features of your firearm.

You control a team for most of the game and as the team leader, you control many aspects of the team movement and engagement. You can click your gun sights to move your team to a location and you control their engagement of the enemy and whether they engage on-sight, or only fire when fired upon. Your team will also match your personal style. If you put a silencer on your firearm, they will do the same. You can order your team to wait by a door while you use a "snake-cam", to secretly look under the door into the room. One feature I liked with this, was the ability to mark up to two targets in the room, by pressing the “T” button to target. You will mark the priority target and a secondary target, so that when you order your team to clear the room, these targets will be taken out first. I found this to be very handy when there were hostages in the room. You can also order your team to “open and bang”, “open and clear”, or “open and frag”, controlling the entry style of your team.


During the game there will be times when normal vision is tough. Due to low light, you can make use of either Thermal Vision or Night Vision. The Thermal Vision is amazingly accurate to using true Thermal Vision. There is a downside to using the Thermal vision, as you cannot distinguish team-mates from the enemy targets. There are times when the Night Vision is a better option, in order to minimize cases of friendly fire.

I like the different styles of game-play that are required to accomplish each mission. There are missions that require an aggressive approach to the level and missions that require you and your team to adopt a stealthy approach.

The game has two main gaming options. You can play the single-player missions throughout the game, or go online and play multiplayer. The multiplayer option is perhaps one the best features of the game. In the multiplayer mode, you can fully customize the appearance of your character, altering almost every part of your uniform and weapons that you carry. 

There are various different types of game-play to enjoy, including, co-op campaign, co-op terrorist hunt, sharpshooter, survival, team survival, retrieval, attack and defend and team sharpshooter. You can play any map in the game on any of the above mentioned game styles. Each mode can be totally customized by the host, allowing respawns and restricting certain weapons in the game.

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