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Reviewed on: April 4, 2006
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It's big, it's green and it eats everything else for dinner. No, it's not a T-Rex; it's the Razer Mantis, the largest gaming mouse surface on the market today. This is Razer's newest edition to the gaming community.

The Razer Corporation was formed in the mid to late 90's. Their main focus is to produce the highest quality precision gaming peripherals made. Their first marketed product was the now famous Razer Boomslang gaming mouse. A mouse that offered up to 2000 DPI while all other gaming mice were still stuck in the 400 DPI area. Since the Boomslang, Razer has produced the Viper, Diamondback and Copperhead gaming mice along with the Exact Mat, a dual sided anodized aluminum mousing surface. Future products to be released are the Tarantula Gaming Keyboard and the Barracuda Gaming Audio System.

Closer Look
As with all other Razer products this mousing surface comes brightly packaged to catch the consumer's eye. The cylindrical clear plastic tubing cannot be missed if on a display where all other mouse pads are packaged in square boxes.

After opening the top of the tube inside you'll find the biggest mousing surface you have ever seen. "This thing is a monster." The pad is green and black with the Razer Logo smack in the center of the pad. This mat is made of a new cloth called Fibertek. It is designed to ensure the most precise tracking and targeting without limiting velocity and acceleration.

The back of the pad is made of rubber, giving the pad great sticking power on all surfaces. Believe me, this thing sticks like glue.

Now that it's out of it's package and you've moved many nic knacks that you might have on your desk it's time to test out this beast.

Razer MantisTM Control/Speed Mat Precision Mousing Surface

"The Razer MantisTM Mat is the next generation of precision gaming surface created For Gamers, By GamersTM. A premium cloth mouse mat engineered for top of the line tracking and enhancing gaming performance. The intricately woven fibers of the FibertekTM surface ensures precise targeting and tracking without limiting the velocity or acceleration of mousing movements." (Taken from Razer)

How do you test a mousing surface? Play your favorite game. For my tests I played Call of Duty 2. Why? It seems that while playing this game I'm always running out of surface and have to lift up my mouse and place it back in the center or the bottom of the mousing surface so I don't lose tracking and end up getting fragged. This mousing surface is so big no matter what I tried to do I never ran out of surface, my mouse flew over it, as if it was on a slip and slide. Even though this is a speed mousing surface you'll have no problem with tracking, the fibertek weave ensures a smooth response every time.

I could talk until I'm blue in the face about how smooth, sensitive and big this pad is but the best way to test it is to test it for yourself.

This mousing surface proves that "Size does Matter." You'll get speed and precision using this mousing surface and never have to reposition your mouse again because you ran out of room. The Fibertek weave will not trap dust like conventional mouse surfaces which is a big plus for gamers. Only the tiniest of dust particles will collect and when it does begin to accumulate all you need to do is shake it out or give it a spray of air to clean it. During my testing I also took out the Pledge and gave my desk a real high gloss shine, I placed the pad back on the desk and I was surprised this puppy stuck to the surface. If you're like me it gets really annoying when you have a mousing surface that moves.

If you're in the market for a new mousing surface, I would strongly suggest the Razer Mantis. This is one of the best-conceived mousing surfaces that I have used to date. Also if you are more into the control aspect, rather than speed, Razer thought of you and produced a control version as well.




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