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Razer Diamondback Optical Mouse Review


No Razer mouse is complete without software. You don't have to install the software and drivers, but they allow you to program the buttons on the mouse and use the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment. If you choose not to install the software and drivers, the mouse will operate at full 1600 DPI mode, which may be to fast for most people. With or without the drivers, you also have the option to adjust mouse acceleration in Windows via the control panel. Likewise, most modern games allow you to adjust mouse sensitivity in the game's options.

Along with the box not being complete, the software was not fully completed either. They did provide me a beta copy of the software and it appeared to be complete and bug free to me so I went ahead and installed it. The software is the same software that comes with the Viper or any other Razer mouse, but with it's own Diamondback skin. For those of you that have not yet read our other Razer mice reviews, I'll go ahead and show you the software and what all it does.

This is the main screen of the software, which can be accessed from your system tray or program files on the start menu. On the main screen you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, turn on and off the on-the-fly sensitivity, adjust the double click speed and also test the double click speed. The on-the-fly sensitivity is loved by so many Razer gamers; it really has become a necessity for some people. For example, say you are playing Unreal Tournament 2004 and jump in to a tank. Wouldn't it be cool to have it more responsive? Well, you can by simply turning up the sensitivity of your mouse in a half a second with a button on your mouse.

Under the sensitivity settings on the main screen, there is an advance button that will take you to the screen above. Here, you can manually adjust both the x axis and y axis independently! Some people may find this very useful while others like myself, find it very hard to use when it's other than normal. You will also find the master acceleration control, much like the setting found in windows under mouse properties.

On the second tab of the software, you can adjust the scroll wheel speed and also test it out. I prefer my scroll wheel to scroll past an entire page per click. When you turn on universal scrolling it enables universal scrolling � where applications like word processing and web browsers let you click the scroll button to quickly scroll large areas. An icon will appear where you clicked, and as you move away from the icon, your window will scroll in that direction.

The last tab of the software is probably the most important one of all, as it allows you to adjust and reprogram all of your buttons. You have a total of seven buttons which you can independently program, but also remember than most games will allow you to bind functions to the "scroll up" and "scroll down". This actually gives you a total of 9 buttons, unofficially of course. You can setup the buttons to click, use the on-the-fly sensitivity, perform a special key, or even a macro!

Here is a list of the functions that a button can do. You can even turn a button off if you desire. Sometimes when gaming, you may find yourself accidentally clicking a button and it's throwing your aim or concentration off. Why not just disable the button if you're not using it?

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