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Razer Diamondback Optical Mouse Review


In-Depth Look

When I first got a grip of the Diamondback I noticed right away that it was bigger than the Viper mouse, but not by much. It seems a bit wider, longer, and possibly even lower profiled. In my opinion it's feels much more comfortable that the Viper. The scroll wheel also appeared to be ever so slightly bigger than the Viper, but bigger doesn't always mean better. Like with most Razer mice, the Diamondback includes an extra long 7 foot cord so that it can reach just about any computer. A long cord is especially in need at LAN Party's where you may sometimes have to place your computer case farther from you than usual.

When looking at the Diamondback, powered off, it may seem like a black shell but in fact it's translucent black. When turned on, it will glow a solid flaming Magma/salamander red. Also remember that the Diamond back comes in a second color, chameleon green which can be found on the Razer website.

I knew that the Diamondback had side buttons when it was being shipped to me, however I did not know how many. I figured it would have a side button on either side of the mouse and it would be designed like the Boomslang & Boomer line of mice, however that was not the case. If you take a look at this picture you will see a "rocker switch" towards the top side of the mouse. This rocker switch actually gives you access to two button function by rocking the switch one way or the other (but they don't stay in place, if that's what you are thinking). There is also another rocker switch on the other side just like this one. This provides you four programmable buttons at the tips of your finger! They look somewhat hard to use, but we'll find out in the testing section of the review.

From this picture you will also see the new ergonomic design that the Viper doesn't have. From the looks of it, you would think it's very comfortable to use.

The Diamondback is indeed longer than the Viper, which is a big plus in my book since the Viper felt short (like a laptop mouse). You may not be able to tell from the picture but I believe the Diamondback is slightly wider as well. The buttons look a little shorter on the Diamondback, but I don't suspect that should cause any problems.

The wheel on the Diamondback has been redesigned and appears to be larger. I know when I scroll with both of the mice, the Diamondback feels much smoother and less "clicky".

Last but certainty not least, is the underside of the Diamondback. You can quickly see from the picture of the two mice, that the Diamondback's (left) teflon feet have been totally redesigned. On the Viper, the feet looked unstable and they don�t make a lot of surface contact. However, on the Diamondback the feet makes a lot of surface contact and are much wider which should provide more stability.

In this picture you will also better see that the Diamondback is translucent.

The mouse glows a solid red when turned on, which compliments the translucent design.

Above is a side view of the mouse lit up where you can better see what the scroll wheel looks like. From what I can tell without opening the mouse, there is two LED's inside of the mouse. One of the LED's is directed on the wheel and the other is directed in the path of the optical sensor.

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