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Razer Pro|Type Keyboard

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Remove any old keyboard drivers and then turn off your computer before you install this keyboard. Before you can use the iPod docking station, you have to set up the docking station. First, take one of those white brackets included and find the two latches that the bracket hooks into and snaps into place. To see the latches, examine the picture on the left.  The picture on the right illustrates the bracket correctly installed.



Plug in both USB connectors into two free USB ports. Now just insert the installation CD, which is located in the manual, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Below are some images of the keyboard when the computer is on:



The Pro|Type is nowhere near as customizable as its gaming-centric counter-part, the Razer Tarantula, so configuring it won’t be too difficult. Below is a screenshot of the driver control program that you’ll be using to configure your keyboard to suit your needs.

Remember those keys on the left side of the keyboard that dealt with image editing? Well you are given some common image editing programs that you can select from the drop down menu to be your default one. For me, I set it to Windows Picture Viewer because I definitely use that program more than any of the others listed. You can set the image editing program to Windows Picture Viewer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and ACDSee.

Next to the image editing drop down menu, you can select your default media program for the keys on the right. Your choices here are Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real Player, and WinAmp.

To customize one of the L1-L5 and R1-R5 buttons, you just need to click the space next to the corresponding key and you’ll have the option to type out a macro or select a program to launch when the key is pressed, as well as select which profile this macro will be under.

You can have up to 10 profiles each with 10 macros assigned. To select a profile you can either push the Profile button on the keyboard (to the right of the iPod dock) to cycle through them or you can select a profile from the drop down menu. The profile editor screenshot is on the right.



Below you can see an example of the macros in work. For that particular macro, I made it “B,4,2” so that in Counter-Strike: Source, I can buy myself an AK-47 when I play on the Terrorist side.



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