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Razer eXactMat Aluminum Mouse Surface Review


This has to be the best part of the review, where I get to play games to test out this new mouse surface! I loaded up some games that I'm currently playing such as UT2004, Battlefield Vietnam, and Star Wars Galaxies. I played a couple of hours on each game and noticed slightly better performance than my old Icemat (Review) that I have been using as my primary mouse surface for over two years. One major difference that I noticed between the two, is that the Icemat makes this dry and raspy like noise when moving the mouse across it and the eXactMat is much more quiet. The eXactMat does make some noise but much less than the Icemat surface. After playing on both sides of the eXactMat, I still prefer the smoother side. This really is a personal opinion but at least the Razer eXactMat gives you the option of both.

A lot of you may be asking how durable this "Aluminum" mouse surface really is. I too was wondering this and I had to try bending it to see if it would bend out of shape easily. I tried bending it fairly hard and there was no signs of it bending out of shape. I would feel safe enough to throw it in a LAN Party bag or put it through just about any other abuse a normal mouse surface would be under. I will feel much more safer taking this aluminum mouse surface to a LAN Party than my Icemat.

One thing that had me considered was the logo coming off after so much use and abuse. I tried scratching it off and it did not faze it all. It's almost like the logo is the same thickness of the black surface material, layered almost.

I have to say, that this is truly one of the best looking products that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. I love the hi-tech style, double sided surfaces, and the enormous footprint. Pair the eXactMat with a Razer Viper and you'll be blamed for cheating, because you'll be so deadly :) Okay, it may not improve your gaming skills by "that" much, but it will somewhat help your accuracy. The only thing that I'm worried about is the rubber feet, as I'm sure they'll eventually come off after abuse. Also if you have small desk space, this mouse surface may not be for you. Remember, the eXactMat measures over a foot wide and nearly a foot in height (from top to bottom). You should probably measure your desk to make sure you have room for such a enormous mouse surface. When you compare the price of the Razer eXactMat (at $30 bucks) to other popular mouse surfaces like the Icemat (at $40 bucks), the eXactMat is a pretty good deal. While it may not be down right cheap to some people, it will be invaluable to the hardcore gamers and professionals seeking eXact precision in their work or play. I can't help but highly recommend the eXactMat and to de-thrown the Icemat as my personal mouse surface of choice.

Update: Razer has told me that they will replace any feet if they ever come off your mouse pad. This must be covered under the 1-year warranty. They said after extensive testing they have found that they are very durable, so you shouldn't have any problems.


  • Durable
  • Double Sided
  • Stylish
  • Quiet
  • Stylish
  • One-year Warranty


  • Size (Might be too large for your desk or your liking)

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