Razer Mantis Control Mouse Pad

Makaveli - 2007-04-23 17:45:42 in Mouse Pad
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Reviewed on: April 24, 2007
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To every gamer, control is everything. You must control the game, opponents and especially your mouse. That’s why Razer have released their Mantis Control mouse pad. Can this mouse pad provide the best control for all kinds of gaming? Will it be big enough for the user to have all the space they'll ever need? Let’s see just how much of an advantage this mouse pad gives the user.

Razer is one of my favorite companies, because as soon as you see the three-snake logo, you know it’s a high quality product.  Razer is one of the most popular gaming peripheral manufacturers on the scene and they continue to produce top-of-the-line products to supply all users with the necessary tools to have an advantage over the competition.

Closer Look:

I’ve heard rumors that this mouse pad was huge, but I had to see it to believe it. Once I saw the tube that encased the mouse pad, I knew what was up. This was going to be the most monstrous mouse pad that I’ve ever seen or used.  The tube had specifications of the mouse pad and stood more than thirteen inches tall.


When I peered inside the tube, I saw the pad rolled up nicely. I then took it out and unrolled the mouse pad. Just as I did, my dad walked by and said, “What the heck is that?” I told him it was a mouse pad and he replied, “That’s huge!”


Before we bust out the rulers, let’s take a look at the different emblems on the mouse pad. In the center, you have the tri-snake Razer logo. On the right, you see the product title displayed fairly large. On the upper left-hand side of the mouse pad, Razer has put their website so that you can log on and see all of their products for sale.


I set my DeathAdder mouse on the mouse pad to give you an idea of the size of this thing. The ruler along the horizontal side of this mouse pad shows that it’s almost 18 inches long. Vertically, you can see that the pad is just almost 14 inches tall.



This is where most people will have a problem because this mouse pad is huge and might not fit on your desk. I have quite a large surface area on my desk, so this mouse pad fits with no problem. The bottom of the mouse pad is anti-slip, so it will grip the surface you place it on and not move easily. This mouse uses Fibertek cloth woven to provide the user with the ultimate grip, but still allows them to slide freely over the surface; just set your mouse on top and get ready to game!


1. Precision surface optimised for gaming
2. Control surface for high sensitivity gamers
3. Oversized 444mm x 355mm x 4.3mm design
4. Fibertek cloth weave for superior performance
5. Rubber base ensures grip on the smoothest surfaces



Testing System:

Testing this mouse pad is going to be extremely hard. I’m going to have to play video games for hours and hours, until I can’t stand the games any more. But really, this is by far my favorite section of the review. I’m going to be playing World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Source and Battlefield: 2 for a few hours each, to test speed and comfort. All marks are out of a possible 100 (perfect) points, all the way down to a 1 (terrible); higher is better in all tests. Also, I’m comparing this mouse pad to my old generic Kensington mouse pad.

The Razer Mantis Control mouse pad feels like denim, so I had apprehensions that this would cause the mouse to move slower. This is simply not the case; the mouse glides very smoothly on the surface. On the Kensington mouse pad, I felt like it was pulling my mouse down and obstructing its path of movement.  I definitely had better control with this mouse pad over the Kensington and it was a notable difference. I had three other friends play with the mouse pad for a while and they all said that they could tell the difference in control too


There is no question here folks. The Razer Mantis Control mouse pad is one of the best gaming mouse pads that Razer has to offer. It truly does provide the gamer with better control, giving them an advantage over their opponents. The only con with this product, is the sheer size of the pad, because it might not fit on some desks. I also gave the size as a pro, because being a wild gamer, I need all the space I can get. You simply cannot go wrong with this mouse pad. Paired up with the Razer DeathAdder mouse, you’re sure to have one of the deadliest combinations of gaming peripherals.





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