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Here in Florida on occasion we get to see a small funny looking animal, which burrows under the ground. This animal happens to be an Armadillo; a skin of armor that protects it from predators protects this small mammal. Today I’m going to test out Razers version of the Armadillo. The Razer Armadillo is a protector itself; it protects your mouse cord from being tangled.

Razer has been producing gaming peripherals since the 90’s, they are no longer the small kids on the block, they are innovators and a force to be reckoned with. Razer is constantly bettering the gaming by producing new technology to give the gamer a leading edge. From their first product the Boomslang to the newly introduced Barracuda the gaming community and its competitors are all standing by to see what’s next.

Closer Look
What is the Razer Armadillo? A “Cable Management System”, the Armadillo weighs approximately 300 grams is made of steel and holds your mouse cord so you don’t get that ever hated mouse cord snag when your getting ready to frag.

The packaging the Armadillo comes in is quite small but when you pick it up you’ll be surprised how heavy it is.

The Armadillo is shaped like a round triangle, the top screws off to reveal four slots. These slots are used to place your mouse cord in, so you can secure it by screwing the top back on. Seems easy, let’s see how it installs. Installation
Placing the mouse cord into the slots after unscrewing the top was a breeze. Once in the slots I screwed the top back on to secure the cord and I was ready to go. Or was I? Not quite, I realized that I actually had too much cord for my liking so all I did was loosen the top screw to allow me to move my cord to find the right length.

Quick, easy and simple, but will it do the trick?

Material: Mild Steel
Weight: 300 grams
Finish: Carbon coated
Height: 35.25mm
Base Diameter: 43.88mm
Maximum Cable Diameter: 3.5mm

There is no better way to test the Armadillo, then to game, and game I did. I have to say it did its job, as bad as I move the mouse around when gaming, I’m constantly getting my cord snagged. The Armadillo prevented all cord snags and actually I found myself using less mousing surface then I normally do. This I would contribute to having less cord snags due to the Razer Armadillo.

Razer did their homework on the Armadillo, unlike the “Mouse Bungee” which I either tipped over or broke all the time, the Armadillo stays put and will only slide if you use too much force to move your mouse. This one is definitely a keeper and has helped me a great deal when I’m in game.

"Note: Per, “The Razor Guy” the Armadillo is meant to be sold on online stores at this time. The box that it came was for shipping purposes only and is not a retail box."



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