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Razer Viper Optical Mouse Review


Matt's Thoughts

I have never used an optical mouse in my life, therefore I handed the Viper off to Jason Camp to test it out since he has tested many optical mice. You better believe I played some Unreal Tournament 2004 before passing it off to Jason, though :) When I first plugged it up, I tried moving it around on my ICEMAT and I was shocked at how smooth it slid across the surface! There is really no way to explain it other than it's like sliding butter across a hot pan on the stove. The "Ultra-slick" Teflon feet, sure does live up to its name! After indulging the speed of the mouse, I proceeded to load Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo. While playing UT2K4 every move I made was very precise and lack for a better word, perfect. The only problem I had was that I kept accidentally clicking the right click button while clicking the left button. The buttons are ultra sensitive to touch it seems, and that may take a week or two of getting used too. The Boomslang was much like that when I first got it, but I got use to it over time and maybe I will with the Viper too. Going from the wider and lower profile Boomslang mouse, it may take some getting use to. I have included a picture above to show the comparison between three different mice, including the famous Razer Boomslang.

Below is a chart I made that compares a couple different popular mice on the market along with the entire Razer product line.

Name Type DPI Price
Razer Viper Optical 1,000 $49
Razer Boomer Control Ball 1,400 $49
Razer Boomer Speed Ball 2,100 $59
Razer Boomslang Ball 2,000 Discontinued
Logitech MX 500 Optical 800 $49

Jason's Thoughts
Razer has a hit on their hands with the Viper. The ergonomics of the Viper while at first seemed small and cumbersome quickly grew on me. Taking over half the length of the mouse are the left, and right buttons. At first I kept hitting the left and right buttons unintentionally, but in no time I became adjusted to the large size. The precision of the 1,000 DPI optical was amazing. With the ability to control sensitivity in game, the Viper felt more responsive than any other optical mouse I have ever used before. Being a long time fan of Razer and owning one of their BoomSlang 2000�s, I replaced it with a Logitech MX500. I was eager to see if this mouse could surpass the accuracy of the Logitech�s MX series.

After a few hours of getting used to the mouse it quickly grew on me. The on the fly sensitivity was great. After giving up my BoomSlang 2000 for a MX500 I really missed the in game sensitivity adjustment. Requiring a slight learning curve and low sensitivity setting of 5.5 in UT2K4 demo I was able to set the sensitivity up to 10. This rewarded me with numerous headshots with the link cannon. Again, the on the fly sensitivity came in handy in Counter-Strike, giving me the ability to go to a lower sensitivity while sniping, where it really paid off. The only problem I had was unintentionally triggering the left and right buttons. After a few hours the mouse felt very comfortable, and my hand became accustom to the large buttons.

I can�t recommend this mouse enough! The sensitivity was far greater than my mx500, and having the ability to change the sensitivity in game with an optical mouse is a first. This mouse not only performs flawlessly, but looks great too. If you�re in the market for an optical mouse the Razer Viper should be on the top of your list.


Razer has hit another home run with their Viper optical mouse! By listening to what gamers want, Razer has developed a truly remarkable mouse with gamers in mind. While it may take some getting use to for some people, it is definitely worth the small learning curve. With the Viper priced at $49.99 it's a steal compared to their old Boomslang which sold for over $100 bucks. The new pricing should make the Viper a good seller, especially to gamers looking for a very fast, ultra smooth, and very elegant mouse. The Viper will not start shipping for another two to three weeks. However, you may go ahead and Pre-order yours at the RazerZone web site. After giving the Viper to Jason to test, it doesn't look like I'll be able to pry it from his hands so I'll have to purchase one myself when they come out :) If you're looking for a new mouse or if you're looking for a better mouse, I would definitely recommend giving the Razer Viper a try.


  • Smooth Gliding
  • High DPI (Sensitivity)
  • Excellent Software
  • Affordable
  • Very Sleek and Elegant


  • Buttons are too sensitive?
  • No extra side buttons
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