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Razer Viper Optical Mouse Review



If you have ever used Razer products before, then the software will be very familiar. On the main screen you will find the options to manually change the sensitivity settings, double click speed (with a tester), and on the fly sensitivity. The on-the-fly sensitivity feature allows you to do just that, change the sensitivity of the mouse on-the-fly. So, say you're in a game of Command and Conquer Generals and you like the sensitivity slightly higher than normal. Then all you would have to do is push the scroll wheel down and either scroll up for a higher sensitivity or scroll down for a lower sensitivity. For those of you that are sensitivity freaks, then you should look under the sensitivity settings for the advance button. This button will take you in to the more advanced sensitivity settings.

The advance sensitivity settings allow you to customize each axis of the mouse precisely to your specifications. Personally, this would throw me off having one axis slower or faster than the other, but the option is there if you would like to change it. There is also an option to change the mouse acceleration speed, an option that is found by default in Windows under the mouse properties of the control panel.

The second tab on the Razer software allows you to change the sensitivity of the scroll wheel, or how faster or slow you want pages to scroll. I like to set my scroll wheel to scroll one page at a time, but that's just me. There is also a little test area where you can scroll to see how you like the changes.

The last tab, the buttons tab, will allow you to customize the buttons on your mouse and also mouse orientation. What I would like added to this screen is a way to bind keys or functions to the scroll wheel up and the scroll wheel down and use them as buttons or functions. I don't know if that would be possible to do or not, but I think it would be a great idea and would add more customization for gamers. If this is possible, you could use the following for a weapon/function: scroll up, scroll down and scroll click.

Here is a picture of what the On-The-Fly Sensitivity displays when you are actively using it to change your sensitivity. You can also see the Razer software running from the system tray that is distinguished by the green icon with the black "R". If you would rather not have the system tray icon, you may disable it. You may also choose not to install the Razer software if you can handle the speed of the mouse with the sensitivity set on 10, as the mouse's default is the maximum sensitivity. Because if the Razer software is not installed, the default speed would be the max (10 sensitivity).

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