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Razer ‚ÄúTarantula‚ÄĚ Gaming Keyboard Review


Keymap Swapping and Re-Assigning QWERTY Keys

Keymapping can be considered as using two profiles as a single profile, which contains two different sets of macros and QWERTY keys.

QWERTY; what does this have to do with a keyboard? Consider it as the universal interface of all keyboards. The “Tarantula” keyboard allows you to change the universal layout within a profile.


The "Tarantula" also allows you to change the keyboards mode from Legacy to Turbo. Legacy mode can best be described as USB supported, where Turbo would revert back to PS/2. If your motherboard doesn't support Legacy drivers setting the keyboard to Turbo will allow you to utilize it's advanced options. (EX. volume control)

Although the "Tarantula" has many tutorials and can be easily programmed, I wouldn't suggest that someone with very little computer knowledge try this on their own. In order to program the keyboard correctly time and patience is required. Once your done, playing your favorite game or using your preferred application is no farther than a keystroke away.

You can find the Software How To Power Point on Razers website.



Again Razer has produced a very detailed Hardware Outline, I will be using these and commenting if needed.

Overview and Replaceable Keys


HyperResponse Keys and Anti-Ghosting

HyperResponse Keys allow for decreased Latency and the Anti-Ghosting allows simultaneous pressing of multiple keys at one time. (up to ten)


Programmable Macro Keys and On-The-fly Gaming Detection

Store up to 10 Macros, five on each side and launch your favorite game and it's profile on the fly.



With the Razer Synapse your 32kb of onboard memory will store up to five profiles, via your configuration you can store up to 100 profiles.


Iridescent Glow and Media Keys

The macro keys glow iridescently to be seen in the dark and the keyboard also has media keys to open your favorite media player and control the system volume. 

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look, Continued
  3. Installation and Configuration
  4. Configuration Continued
  5. Configuration; Key Options to Profile Customization
  6. Configuration; Keymap Swapping, QWERTY Keys and Specifications
  7. Specifications Continued & Testing
  8. Conclusion
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