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Razer Lycosa Mirror Keyboard Review

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This keyboard, like most other Razer products, is meant to be used by gamers and the company's great experience in that market really shows. The Lycosa has a nice array of useful features that should be appreciated by this crowd. The first thing anyone opening this box will notice is the mirror-like, glossy look of both the keyboard's casing and keys. The only downside is that it's hard to keep it clean as the tiniest dust particle will be clearly visible. However, and surprisingly enough, fingerprints aren't so much of an issue as they barely show up and a quick wipe using the supplied cloth will clean those few obvious marks in a second. While the sound ports aren't a ground breaking feature, I can see them widely used by people whose sound system consist of a pair of headphones and a microphone. Gamers are likely to correspond to that profile, especially those playing online games and commonly attending LAN events. In the same area, the USB port is also an interesting addition and, since it works at full USB 2.0 speed, it can be used with any device.

Getting started was a straightforward process, the supplied disc automatically launched the installer and the Lycosa was ready to be used in no time. Razer's driver control allowed for a great deal of customization, was very easy to use and is a lightweight application. I would have appreciated more control over the backlighting, including dimming and more options as to which keys should be lit. It's also worth mentioning once again that the keys are barely visible when they're off no matter how well lit your room is. Fortunately, once it's backlight is turned on, everything is as clear as it gets and typing on it is a pleasure. The keys feel great and the keyboard is comfortable to type on even after many hours spent using it. That made for a great gaming experience as well as the low profile keys that cut response time enough to make a difference in some situations.

Overall, the Lycosa Mirror Special Edition is a great keyboard with a bunch of interesting features at a competitive price point. Of course, don't hesitate to make a trip to a local store since there is nothing like trying it out for yourself. If you're into gaming and looking for a brand new keyboard, this one is definitely worth looking at.



  • Backlighting
  • Customizability
  • Looks
  • Simple driver control software



  • Key labels not visible till backlit
  • No control over backlight brightness



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