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Razer Destructor Review

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To test the Razer Destructor, I’ll be using the best laser mice that I have ever used. The laser mouse will be Razer’s newest gaming mouse – the Lachesis. For comparison results, I’ll be using the Logitech G9 as well. The Razer Destructor will be competing against my Razer Mantis Control mouse pad that I’ve been using for over a year. Since both mouse pads are designed for gaming, I’ll be testing them in multiple games. These games include Call of Duty 4, Crysis, and Counter-Strike: Source. The categories will be Precision, Speed, and Control. Each test is on a scale of one to ten; 10 being perfect and one being terrible.

Testing Setup:



Woah! What a difference! With both mice, I could easy tell that my precision was better than ever. The tiny grooves in the Destructor make it easy to stop on the dot to take a shot. Between the Logitech G9 and the Razer Lachesis, I'd definitely would say that the Lachesis felt better in all the games. The Razer Mantis Control mouse pad did well though. Having threads on the mouse pad definitely helped me slow down to take more accurate shots. I personally felt like my shot was better with the Destructor over the Mantis Control.



The Razer Destructor was easily the winner here. It was so much easier to move my mouse quickly on the pad versus the Mantis Control mouse pad. I've never been really speedy with the Control pad and that's solely due to the texture of it. The Logitech G9 moved faster on the Control mat than the Razer Lachesis because it has more Teflon on the bottom of it.



Honestly, it was really tough to decide which mouse pad did better because after all, the Razer Mantis Control mouse pad was made to give the user the ultimate control over their mouse. After a few hours of gaming on each, I think I had overall better control on the Control pad than the Destructor.


Overall, I've been very impressed with this mouse pad and it definitely performed better than the Razer Mantis Control pad.

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