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Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Review


Plug in the "Gold Plated" USB connector turn on your computer, take the driver CD out of its holder, place it in your CD/DVD ROM drive and follow the on screen instructions. Once your drivers are installed you'll need to configure your mouse. Although the on screen display is quite easy to understand, I suggest you have your "Master Guide" in front of you. There are 5 different settings you can store in the mouse's memory and so many other features it's easy to miss something you might want to use.


With my trusty "Master Guide" in front of I began to configure the mouse. First, I wanted to assign the buttons to my preferences, with the "Razer Synapse" onboard function menu up this task was quite easy. For the rest of my settings all was just the same, click on the setting or measurement you want and it's done. The menu has many options to choose from along with 5 personal settings. I only needed 3 so that's what I'm using right now. My first setting is for normal use, (surfing the internet and other tasks) Setting 2, I use for gaming and setting 3 I'm using for applications like "PhotoShop". The main functions involved in setting up the mouse are:

(Razer Synapse)
1. Assigning your desired buttons
2. Assigning a polling rate ( 125hz (8ms), 500hz (4ms) 1000hz (1ms) ) these are all response times.
3. Setting the DPI switcher (400 DPI 800 DPI 1600 DPI 2000 DPI)
4. Profile 5 changeable profiles.




5. Config, Save/Load Settings
  a. Load previously saved config
  b. Save Config (saves config to file)
  c. Reset default config
  d. Update Firmware


  1. Introduction & Specifications
  2. Closer Look
  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Configuration Contenued
  5. Testing & Conclusion
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