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Razer Boomer Speed 2100 Mouse Review


In-Depth Look
Speaking of the differences in the 2000 and the 2100, the old 2000 came in a cool Razer tin, and the new 2100 mouse comes in a little LAN-pak.

The shape of the BoomerSpeed is identical to the BoomSlang. For those who have never used this mouse, it is very uncomfortable and awkward (at least to me) at first, but with time I've managed to get use to it.

The BoomerSpeed has two huge primary buttons (button 1 and 2) that make up well over 1/3 of the mouse's body. The scroll wheel, as with 99% of the other mice out there splits buttons 1 and 2, and serves as mouse button 3. Located on each side of the mouse are the secondary buttons (buttons 4 and 5). Any of the 5 buttons can be programed for whatever you need, be it double kilick, or a keyboard macro.

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