Razer Barracuda HP1 Gaming Headphone Review

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Reviewed on: September 19, 2006


Whoosh! Do you remember the Memorex commercial where the guy in the chair was totally overtaken by the quality? Once this Barracuda takes a bite out of you, you’ll be its favorite bait. The much-anticipated Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones have arrived. I’ve been waiting to review these headphones for quite some time now and I’m glad that the concept team at Razer took their time on these. This is Razer’s first attempt at a gaming headphone set and it looks like they took it to the max!

Razer is commonly known for its gaming mice. Since the introduction of the Boomslang Mouse in the late 90’s, Razer has been an innovator in gaming peripherals. Now with the introduction of the Barracuda Headphones and soon the Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Audio Card and the Tarantula Gaming Keyboard, everyone’s gaming needs should be satisfied.

Closer Look

As always, Razer packaging is an eye catcher. If you have read any of my other reviews, exterior packaging design is a must for any product. You want a product to reach out and say “Pick Me Up”. Generally, when a manufacturer puts some time into packaging design, that quality is also reflected on the product inside.
Opening the box was a snap, literally. It is kept closed by Velcro tabs.

The headphones are protected within a plastic case. You’ll need a pair of scissors to open it.


Closer Look Continued

Included with the headphones are a Certificate of Authenticity and Installation Instructions.

In addition to the headphones there comes a removable microphone and an Audio Splitter Cable to hook up to your analog audio card if you don’t have the AC-1 Gaming Audio Card.

You might be asking what that big box is for? That is your volume controller which has six separate adjustments.

The sixth adjustment is a toggle switch that has three modes: Amp-on / LED-on, Amp-on / LED-off and Off.

There are two ways to install the headphones. One method is plugging the Razer HD-DAI™ (High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interface) plug into the Razer AC-1 Audio Gaming Card (not shown at time of writing due to later release date) and another way is by using your Audio Splitter Cable and inserting the plugs into your analog sound card.

Now all that remains is plugging everything into your computer.


8 Discrete Drivers: 6 for Mid-High Frequency, 2 for Bass.
Individual Channel Volume Control / 1 Master Volume Control.
Detachable Microphone.
6 Channel Analog Inputs.
Eight Amplifiers contained within its volume control units.
Output power of 330mW.
Razer HD-DAI™ (High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interface).
99% Oxygen-Free Cable.

Technical Specifications:
Frequency Response 1.50 Hz ~ 20 000Hz
Impedance 1.a. Front Speaker  : 64ohm b. Rear Speaker   : 32ohm c. Centre Speaker: 64ohm d. Sub-Woofer      : 8ohm
Total RMS Power Rating 330mWatts
Cable Length 2 meter
Connector plug Razer HD-DAI™


What’s the best way to test gaming headphones? Pop in your favorite game and crank up the volume to the max! I decided to play Call of Duty 2, and for the first time I can honestly say that I felt like I was actually there. The sound encompassed me and I was able to hear every footstep and gunshot. Impressive. With headphones I have used in the past (Logitech, Sennheiser and Plantronics) it always seemed that the higher I raised the volume, the more crackle I got out of the speakers.

The Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones has four volume controls (Front, Rear, Center and Sub-woofer) that can all be adjusted to your desired volume, and the pair comes with one Master Volume Control as well. While testing, I lowered all the volume controls except the master, and then one by one raised each. It actually sounded as if there were individual speakers for each control.


So you’re not a gamer. OK, maybe your thing is listening to music. I tried that also and BAM!! You will think that you are in a theater with the surround sound pumping, as the music comes from all directions.


I usually don’t get too excited over a set of headphones, but once I put these on I was utterly impressed. In fact, I just might not use my speakers anymore. The headphones were very comfortable. Even after two hours of use, the soft ear cushions posed no problems and were just as comfortable as when I first put them on. I also like the fact that there is no need to adjust the size of the headphones, they are self-adjustable. At first I thought that the microphone might have been too small and would not pick up my voice very well. So while using it in game, I started speaking at different volumes, but still everyone heard me. Overall the quality, sound, comfort and features are something to brag about. I’m sure that when the Audio Card is finally released, listening to these headphones in true digital will be amazing.


  • Comfort
  • Removable Microphone
  • Five sound Adjustments
  • Self Adjustable
  • Led’s


  • None