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Raidmax Skyline Review

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The Raidmax Skyline exceeded my expectations with the way it performed. The idle temps were lower than most of the comparison cases, but began to fall apart compared to the other cases once temperatures increased to load conditions. As I stated on the previous page, this was most likely due to the lower airflow provided by the stock fans. Raidmax's intentions was for this case to be quiet, if not silent. With this being the case, the rise in temperatures is not wholly unexpected. The one thing that I have experienced with my exposure to Raidmax in the past is the cases' construction. They are lightweight, which is good, but rigidity has to be sacrificed. The case is a little flimsy and I would be a little worried to travel with it on a regular basis, as it might be more susceptible to damage. At a retail price of $79.99, the case falls into a price point that puts it just above the low end for gaming cases and offers value with improved cooling over more economical solutions.



  • Stylish looks
  • Four included fans
  • Top mounted I/O ports



  • Structurally lacking
  • Temperatures begin to fall apart under load


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